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  1. The relationship between Bush and Blair has resulted in so many men, women and children dying, and Blair’s involvement by lying or relaying on insufficient evidence to begin a war seems cruel and was totally unnecessary. Worst of all, Blair has expressed no doubt or regrets, so typical of a Taurean, it must be wonderful to be so sure of yourself that your conscience does not even stir a little. The repercussions of such decisions we are now experiencing and still no expression of regret from Blair.

  2. Thanks Marjorie for the Vidya Balan post. I wonder why she would want to tell porkies about her age by knocking ONE year off – It seems pointless. Five years, yes, but One? I get the feeling with Siddharth by the time he’s done on this earth, he’ll have had about six or seven wives, lol.

  3. Hi Marjorie. Have you noticed that for most of the next week we are subject to a large amount of transiting novile and binovile aspects? This ‘harmonic wave’ starts today and peaks on Wednesday and Thursday. A major outer body novile between Uranus and Neptune has been underway since last June and concludes in April 2016, and now in addition there is a binovile aspect between Jupiter, conjunct the lunar node, and Saturn. Further 9th harmonic planetary activity occurs in the days ahead as Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun and of course the Moon, are drawn into the pattern. Vedic astrology stresses the importance of the 9th harmonic. One of your older posts, (which I hope will soon be accessible on your new site), if I recall correctly, emphasised the 9th harmonic as inclining the subject towards inclusiveness, strength, determination and a humanitarian nature. It seems we have an opportunity to be alert this week, see what transpires, see how we feel, and maybe learn first hand a bit more about the 9th harmonic. Have you any thoughts on any of this?

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