Vidya Balan – charming Capricorn




Vidya Balan is an established, award-winning Bollywood actress who usually plays strong female protagonists. She married Siddarth Roy Kapur, film producer and MD Walt Disney India, in 2012.

All internet sites including astrology ones put her birthdate as 1 January 1978 with a putative time of 10.35pm in Palghat, India. This would give her a 4th house Sun Venus in Capricorn square Pluto; with Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius also in the 4th – so keen on her roots, determined and probably attracted to quite controlling partners. She also has a successful, much-respected Jupiter in Gemini in her 10th; and a feisty Mars in Leo square Uranus. She’s likely to become a pillar of the community the older she gets.

Siddarth Roy Kapur, 2 August 1974, is a Sun Leo trine Neptune so good for the filmic entertainment business; with a serious Saturn Venus in Cancer.

If the birth dates are sound, it isn’t an ideal match since his Saturn opposes her Sun which suggests he blocks her out; with his Mars in hard-working Virgo conjunct her Saturn; his Sun conjunct her Mars – so argumentative after the initial passion subsided.

Their relationship chart is very focused on work; with hints of an upheaval in 2017.

If her birth time is sound then her Progressed Moon is moving through her 6th house of health until 2017, as is tr Neptune, so a low energy time when care would be needed.

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