Mohammed bin Salman – ramping up the rhetoric with Iran



Described as naïve, arrogant and dangerous, Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, appears to have manoeuvred himself into a situation where he holds the power. Favoured son of the ailing King Salman, he became Minister for Defence, in charge of oil and economics, and has outflanked his rival Mohammed bin Nayef, by pulling his court into the King’s, to which he is gatekeeper. He has launched an ill-advised war in Yemen and Syria, and is now ramping up tension with Iran.

Born 31 August 1985, he has a Sun Virgo in an innovative/rebellious square to Uranus and inconjunct Jupiter. But what gives him his lust for power is a Fixed T square of Venus in Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio.  Plus he has a hard-edged and flamboyant Mars Mercury in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.

Depending on his birth time he could have a Pisces Moon opposition Sun square Uranus – making him a trail-blazer, but also scattered, impetuous, erratic, nervy.

His synastry and relationship chart with Saudi Arabia are extraordinarily strong. His focal point Pluto is conjunct the Saudi 1902 MC so he will want to be in the dominant position; with his executive and obsessive Saturn in its 10th; and his Jupiter conjunct the Saudi Mars which together could lead them into over-confident adventures, especially financial ones.

The relationship chart is even more starkly controlling with a composite Sun Mars opposition Venus square Pluto; with Pluto trine Uranus Saturn. He’s certainly very popular with the Saudi youth because of his economic reforms. Hence the Venus in there.

His relationship charts with the Iran 1906 and 1979 charts indicate a challenging and tense time ahead with major upheavals, on the 1906 chart as early as mid 2016, and on the 1979 into 2017. But both show serious hostility and grinding pressures. It’s a high risk game he’s playing on several fronts.

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