David Bowie – revolutionary focal point Uranus

David Bowie, one of the most influential singer/musicians in 20th Century rock and pop has died of cancer. His stage persona was flamboyant, androgynous and constantly changing.  One obituary said: ‘Where before, artists and groups either evolved their musical style and appearance or remained unchanging, David Bowie seemed to be in permanent revolution.’ He moved from 1960s hippy, through Ziggy Stardust and later became a soul rocker.

Born 8 January 1947 in London at around 9am (from memory), he had a 12th house, creative and private Sun Mars in Capricorn on one leg of a Yod, in sextile to money-attracting Jupiter in Scorpio in the much-travelled 9th inconjunct Uranus in Gemini. A focal point Uranus would make him unconventional, erratic, willful, intolerant of rules, original, a trail blazer. He did drugs, experimented sexually and refused to toe anyone’s line but his own.

His Sun Mars Mercury was also square an 8th house Neptune hinting at an attraction to showbiz glamour, strongly creative especially musical talents. The 8th house Neptune would also help give him a superstar aura.

His Leo Moon was conjunct Saturn Pluto, so fairly locked down emotions. Though his Moon Saturn did trine Venus in Sagittarius which would help marginally.

His Venus was 9th house suggesting romantic attachments with foreigners and his first wife Angie was a Cypriot-American, his second Iman, a Somalian model.

Angie, 25 September 1949, was a Sun Libra with a passionate (and unforgiving) Moon Venus in Scorpio square Mars Pluto in Leo.  Her Mars Pluto was in Bowie’s 7th house so a fiery relationship.

Iman, 25 July 1955, was a Sun Leo conjunct his Moon; and her Libra Moon fell in his 8th so a deep connection. Her Mars is also in Leo but conjunct Jupiter which would make it less aggressive, more enthusiastic.

The relationship chart between Bowie and Angie did have an adventurous composite Uranus opposition Jupiter square Moon; and an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction. But that Sun Venus was also square Saturn Pluto with Pluto sextile Mars – so all manner of blocks, lack of empathy to go along with passion.

His relationship with Iman didn’t look that easy with a controlling Sun Mars Neptune sextile Pluto; and a cool, too-much-work composite Venus Saturn conjunction.

When he died this week his Secondary Progressed Moon was exactly opposition his 6th house Saturn; and tr Uranus square his Mars and Sun/Mars midpoint.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are strong; as was his enduring 8H and 11H; and his superstar 22H was also marked.

2 thoughts on “David Bowie – revolutionary focal point Uranus

  1. The 9am birth time is wrong. Bowie told Paul Kinder who runs the Bowiewonderworld site that he was born at 10.59pm which would make his rising sign Libra. Kinder confirmed categorically that he got this info from the man himself, who he was often in touch with.

    He didnt have lung cancer. After his heart attack in 2004 he was on a lot of meds for many years which probably resulted in liver cancer. The liver can only tolerate so much especially when the heart is damaged.

  2. Opps…I made a mistake. My comment on Bowie should goes here.
    Bowie health and death:
    He is having Neptune in VIII – Libra square Sun/Mars/Mercury/Capricorn.
    Looks more – to me – his problems begun by a lung cancer, not liver cancer.
    It can have begun with lung cancer (he smoked a lot and had heart attacks in the past) and the cancer could had spread to his liver.
    I guess heart attacks is because Moon/Saturn/Pluto in Leo (heart)opposition his Aquarius ascendant.
    Anyway it’s a big loss in the musical field!

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