Tom Jones – a talented double Gemini



Singer Tom Jones has postponed an ambitious American tour until spring 2018 because of health concerns.

Born 7 June 1940 12.10am. he has a Sun Gemini (favourite sign of pop singers) in his performing 5th house; with a Gemini Moon also there squaring onto an iconic 8th house musical Neptune. His passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Cancer are in his hard-working 6th house; with an idealistic though also money-magnet Jupiter Saturn in Taurus in his 3rd along with maverick Uranus. His Pluto sits on his Descendant, so he’d have intense interactions with his public as well as with his long-suffering wife. She stood by him through numerous affairs and sadly died last year which hit him hard.

He’s at an age when problems will catch up with him and his Solar Arc Mars is about to square his Moon within weeks which also has tr Saturn in opposition at the same time. So it’s stopping him performing and affecting his body. Tr Saturn is also about to square his Neptune, so an uncertain time for him. He’ll need to slow down for a while which won’t be easy for a temperament as restless as his.

Relocating his chart to Los Angeles where he lives now puts influential Pluto on the midheaven which can be tricky to handle but has clearly worked for him.

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