North Korea – stop me if you dare


Kim Jong Un may be mad and nasty but he’s also smart and is pushing on in the face of global condemnation with amazing sang froid. The signs are that he’s about to launch a ballistic missile. He’s hit China at an awkward moment as they head for the five year Congress after mid October, when President Xi Jinping wants to consolidate his power base. He doesn’t need the distraction, certainly not a situation where he doesn’t have any more good options than the US. Supporting the US is unthinkable; as is the prospect of a destroyed North Korea pouring refugees across the China border; and trade retaliations for his inability to shut Kim Jong Un down would damage the China economy at a critical time. South Korea and Japan are on high alert, as is Guam.

If I had to guesstimate when flash point would be, I’d go for November which crops up on a good many of the relevant charts – South Korea, the Japanese Prime Minister, the South Korea/NorthK relationship chart, the South KoreaPM Term chart, as well as Defense Secretary James Mattis. Mattis looks extraordinarily stressed through 2018/19 as well.

It could come sooner, since often events precede exact aspects. The US chart certainly looks aggravated at the moment with tr Saturn opposition the Mars and then across late September to mid October tr Saturn squares the US Neptune – so an extended few weeks of high uncertainty.

Xi Jinping’s Presidency chart looks to be facing a setback at the October 19th Congress with tr Saturn square the Sun and tr Uranus conjunct the Solar Arc Moon; which is reflected on his own chart with jolts, jangles, shocks and total upheavals; with worse in 2018.

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  1. It’s also worth remembering in the middle of all this nuclear hooha in quite what appalling conditions the ordinary North Koreans live. Stalinist hardly begins to describe the iron and inhumane grip that Kim Jong Un and his father before him have held and continue to hold over a starved, imprisoned and tortured people. All the while the Fat Leader lives it up in grand style.

  2. focus on the leader… it is what the western msm does 24/7… if it isn’t saddam, or gadaffi or assad, it must be the leader of north korea.. listen to the propaganda outlets as they lead you all in the same friggin direction of ignorance.. why wouldn’t north korea get nuclear weapons? those countries who don’t are always targeted by the exceptional empire.. now the usa is stuck between a rock and a hard place, no longer able to play this stupid game they have been playing all along.. for all i know china and russia are delighted to see the poor choices facing the usa.. wow – the usa might have to take a different approach then 24/7 bellicosity.. oh – but don’t forget to stay focused on this crazy north korean leader.. it is all about him and nothing about the exceptional nation, lol..

    • james,

      USA knows several solutions to this dilemma. So do the other super powers. Putin plays bare-chested stupid for the TV ratings. Xi is trapped by history and context. Trump…well, he can hardly announce, “your fired” to Kim.

      • larry, we may see it very differently here.. if the usa was able to renounce it’s role of self elected world police for all the airways and seaways on the planet, it might be different… it’s a tough job being the unelected world cop, but when all the kick back goes to the same miliary/financial and even oil industry, the usa has to keep it up… that is what is ”’at stake”’ here… it’s warmongers playing with others lives essentially.. remember 10000 north korean lives are only worth maybe 1 american life right??? that is how the usa and it’s western poodles comes across to me..

  3. Marjorie, when you look at these charts and see the themes, is it possible to see also the sorts of things that would enable a way through or to de escalate, or a stay?

    • I’m still not clear why Kim Jong Un would go this route (ie actually declenching a nuclear strike – is it because they have been under threat for so long (America still technically at war with N Korea?). Afraid the death of Otto Warmbier will bring revenge on their heads? I can understand nuclear as a deterrent, but it just doesn’t make sense to start a war where it is your country (including S Korea) and Japan which take the hit, and the precedent is set for nuclear strikes if china does nothing, and if it does where will the whole war end? Nuclear clouds floating round the world etc etc. ?

      • NKorea is not (technically) at war with the US. It remains at war with SKorea, who walked away from the peace treaty signing. All parties, except the SKorea puppet, signed the peace treaty.

  4. Un’s first child, who was/is a complete mystery, even down to the gender, is supposedly alive and well. A son, raised in isolation like a science fiction experiment.

  5. Was listening to National Public Radio in my car this morning. The correspondent discussing the North Korea crisis mentioned that Kim Jong Un has a May birthday, which of course makes him either a Gemini or Taurus. Most likely the latter. He has a huge personal fortune and his lifestyle is said to be extraordinarily self-indulgent and lavish. With Uranus about to enter Taurus, wouldn’t there be the potential for him to experience major changes and upheavals? I don’t know why we can’t send a CIA
    operative to NK to take out Fat Boy. Maybe I’ve seen too many Mission Impossible flicks.

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