Serena Williams Miss Jnr – a rocket propelled Virgo



Serena Williams, the Grand Slam tennis player, had a baby girl on September 1st in Florida (no time as yet). Despite have a Virgo Sun opposition Neptune, junior is going to be a powerhouse. She has an entrepreneurial, inspirational and very confident, not to say flamboyant Fire Grand Trine of Mars Mercury Node in Leo trine Uranus trine Saturn in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition Jupiter. So expansive, lucky, super-optimistic And Jupiter will funnel all that fiery energy out into the universe. Her Venus is also in sociable Leo; and her hard-working Capricorn Moon is almost certainly conjunct Pluto, giving her a possessive mother.

What’s more junior’s Pluto is conjunct Serena’s Midheaven exactly, so there may be a tussle for attention and power over mother’s busy schedule. Junior’s Mars is also square Serena’s 7th house Uranus which will bring some heated interactions.

The relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus and a well-aspected composite Jupiter which will smooth round the rough edges that a composite Saturn square Uranus and square Mars will throw up. Fitting a baby into a constantly-travelling, practising and playing competitive tennis career and presumably high-pressure promotional time after she retires won’t be easy.

Father Alexis Ohanian , 24 April 1983, is a Sun Taurus which chimes well with the baby’s Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon, though he’ll find that she makes a profound change in his life since her Uranus is conjunct his Sun and opposition his Saturn Pluto.

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