Saudi Arabia – moving backwards to surge ahead



Saudi Arabia is the country most directly in line of fire from the 2019 tr Saturn Pluto conjunction followed by tr Jupiter, since it has Saturn, Sun Jupiter at 19 and 24 degrees Capricorn. If the past experience of the 1819 Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction repeats, then it will be collapse followed by resurgence and a complete economic transformation. (See post August 30 2017).

This fits with the kingdom’s privatisation plans, under the young Crown Prince Bin Salman, aimed at diversifying and privatising their economy, which will change the country out of all recognition. There is a “for sale” sign on virtually every sector of Saudi economic life: oil, electricity, water, transport, retail, schools and healthcare. With oil stuck around the $50 mark, and $75 being the break-even point, the budgets are creaking and deficits are widening.

The idea behind the Vision 2030 strategy, is that Saudi Arabia will be financially stable, with a more dynamic economy and society, less reliance on oil and government spending, and with a thriving private sector. It’s an ambitious plan though it will run into resistance from the old guard especially the Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalists, who will regard an influx of foreign ownership as threatening their power over the monarchy.

In 2017/2018 tr Pluto is conjunct the Saudi Saturn, leading to cutbacks and comparative hardship, as well as a tough struggle to push ahead with plans. By 2019 tr Saturn will be on its Return and conjunct Sun Jupiter for more dampened enthusiasm. By 2020 tr Pluto will conjunct the Saudi Sun Jupiter with tr Jupiter following suit in 2020 for a major surge of confidence and success.

So reverse, then fast forward.

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