Tom Hanks – apples can fall far from the tree

Wild and wayout are never descriptions applied to Tom Hanks, known as the nicest and sanest man in Hollywood. But his second youngest child, Chet, a wayward provocateur, rapper and anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist, with a cocaine problem and no brakes on his mouth, could not be more different.

 Chet was born 4 August 1990 in the middle of the chaotic, wilful, can-be-inspired or the opposite, triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn with a Capricorn Moon. He also has an enraged Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto square his Leo Sun so he will harbour a good deal of anger and frustration.

  His Capricorn planets oppose Tom Hanks’ Cancer Sun so it isn’t an easy interface for father though Chet’s Venus in Cancer is conjunct. Chet’s Sun is conjunct Tom’s Leo Moon which is a great connection but not with a Mars opposition Pluto getting in the way. Chet’s seeking-a-cause Aquarius North Node is opposition his father’s Moon and his own Sun, which may point to him trying to mark out his own territory, albeit in a shambolic way.

  Tom Hanks said it was trickier for the younger children since they arrived after he had become a star so they had to cope with all the trappings.  There’s clearly a good deal of affection between them – with Moon Sun and Sun Venus crossovers. Though there’s also an overdose of defiant, outrageous and rebellious energy determined to rock the boat.  In the relationship chart this emerges as an explosive composite Mars opposition Uranus which goes along with starkly different agendas and an unwillingness to compromise.

Pity Chet does not have a birth time since it would help.

6 thoughts on “Tom Hanks – apples can fall far from the tree

  1. He doesn’t look remotely like his dad, does he? His eldest son, Colin Hanks, does though, who is also an actor. And quite a good one.

      • Yes, but I thought you would see some slight resemblences to his dad. To be honest, I don’t think he looks much like Rita either, lol! I think this one was found under a cabbage patch leaf!

  2. It’s all pretty normal really, going out of his way to embarrass his parents. Freud would have a field day. Too bad the stakes are so high in relation to his anti vaxx rant. Very juvenile, insecure and quite frankly given his reach, dangerous. Hope he grows up before his daughter. Given the amount of Capricorn in the chart my guess is he will mature in a while. But the finished product? Yikes.

  3. In the US, people born in that time period — 1989-1991 — really struggle with drug addiction. So many of the people who have died from poly-drug use were born during that period. Would you attribute this issue to that Capricorn stellium? Or Neptune conjunct Uranus? Peaches Geldof is another person you covered who died from drugs. (I have recently heard that Tom Hanks had some wilder younger days, and was not always so clean.)

    • Drug additions…and the rampant legalization of soft AND hard drugs in American cities. Heroin is now classified as a recreational drug. Heroin!

      So much for freedoms in America…but no one wants to take two shots in the arm against covid.

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