Tom Cruise – The Mummy unravels


Tom Cruise’s latest movie The Mummy has been earning some scathing reviews: -“basically a mess. The plot sags like an aeon-old decaying limb – derivative and empty headed.” And the Rolling Stone crit described it as a “monster fail. A lumbering loser.”

Principal Photography started in the UK on 3 April 26 with a Neptune square Mars Saturn in Sagittarius, so no surprises it has run into trouble. But there’s also a Jupiter trine Pluto so it might earn a buck or two, bad reviews being no guide to what the public like.

Cruise himself is not in his best year with tr Neptune conjunct his 6th house Jupiter running till January 2018 which tends to bring high hopes followed by disappointment. Plus he has some frustratingly stuck Pluto transits to his Mars/Pluto midpoint and his Solar Arc Mars. But he’ll stay bullish nonetheless with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter through till late 2018.

His next movie, out this September, ‘American Made’, sees him outdoing even his usual risky stunt performances, by climbing out of the back of a solo plane while in flight low to the ground to toss out bundles of cocaine. Unusually for a top star he does most of his own stunts.

He does have a Mars in Taurus square Uranus, so will be attracted to risk and an adrenaline rush. And he is tough with a Yod of a Cancer Sun sextile Pluto inconjunct Saturn in his 5th, which gives him a good deal of inner strength as well as some self-defeating attitudes as well. Plus his Jupiter opposes Pluto giving him an overdose of confidence. And his Neptune is emphasised being on the point of a T Square to a North Node in Leo opposition Saturn, which will suit him to the movie business, but also give him that Neptunian delusional sense that he’ll slide through unscathed.


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