Theresa May – Neptune trumps Jupiter ** updated


Well, there’s a turn up for the books. The polls weren’t wrong. And Theresa May’s ‘lucky’ tr Pluto sextile her Solar Arc Jupiter was drowned under a tsunami of delusional Neptune. Tr Pluto is square her Sun/Neptune midpoint at the moment [see post June 2] and on and off till late 2018. Across 2017/18/19 as well tr Neptune is conjunct her Mars, then square her Mars/Jupiter, then opposition her Jupiter.

Mars Jupiter describes an opportunist, or as Sakoian & Acker have it ‘a soldier of fortune’; prone to being opinionated and aggressive when promoting their beliefs. ‘Their self-assertiveness often pushes them to attempt great things without the necessary resources to succeed.’ ‘Prone to exaggerate their own importance. Unreliable.’

She pushed her ‘strong and stable’ (and bone-headedly stubborn) Venus Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio to the foreground, but that Mars Jupiter was always going to be her undoing.

I don’t see how she can hang on. The Tory Party is always brutal with leaders who fail. Her relationship chart with the Conservative Party picks up a tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun from later this month, on and off for a year thereafter. (Or maybe 2018 depending on birth times). But tr Uranus also retrogrades to square the composite Uranus again later in the year which shakes up that whole composite T Square of Mars Neptune opposition Uranus square Sun. So she’s in a very precarious situation vis a vis her own party.

When David Cameron went after Brexit, tr Pluto was square his composite Mars and conjunct Pluto with the Tory Party. And when Maggie Thatcher was toppled tr Pluto was conjunct the composite Mercury Saturn and opposition the composite Uranus in her Tory relationship chart.

Add on: Theresa May is evidently going to Buck House at 12.30pm to seek permission to form a UK government, despite losing her Commons majority. She is trying to stay in office on the understanding that the Democratic Unionist Party will support her minority administration, giving her 329, just three over the 326 needed to give her a majority.

That gives a very unstable, unhappy-voters chart with a 10th house Sun opposition Moon Saturn, and square Neptune – so exactly on the Full Moon. A belligerent Mars also in the 10th sits across from Pluto, coming exact as an opposition by transit by July 2nd. Can’t see that holding together for long.

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  1. I am not so sure about May quitting.

    Because of devolution and changes to Parliamentary voting practises May still has an effective majority in the Commons for all legislation impacting England and Wales which is the bulk of Westminster Parliamentary business. In addition the Tory MPs elected May unopposed less than 12 months ago so if she doesn’t quit and there is a leadership election to oust her then the Party would effectively be admitting that they were clueless at electing their own leader key alone governing the UK. In addition many younger voters on Thursday were voting on issues such as student tuition fees which not only predated May coming to power but in fact had their origin in the Blair government.

    It is all looking chaotic and unclear going forward which has Neptune written all over it

  2. You would think thank tr Neptune conj. Mars – which has months to run yet – must take a toll on May’s health and stamina. Pity there is no birth time.

  3. There seems to be a lot of consensus on the idea of another election later this year among the pundits and talking heads. Any thoughts on when , if it’s the case, and potential outcome? My hunch is that none of the Tories who might be ambitious for the job will look on it as a poisoned chalice, given Brexit etc.

    • The oafish Boris Johnson is likely to be the bookies favourite. My point was that who would might want the job at this time?

  4. Thanks Marjorie. I agree and it’s also interesting to read your thoughts on the government she’s trying to form. A few thoughts:

    I know it’s simplistic, but as the year opened there was a beautiful alignment in Pisces of the Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune that was very visible in the South of England. The sky stayed unusually clear, without a cloud, for about a week. My children kept pointing to it. Then followed the eclipse in February. I thought to myself that this might be a significant year surrounding Piscean themes.

    Pluto in Capricorn continues with it’s theme of vertical power shifts. The further north you go, the more of a swing to the Tories, it’s like someone has picked up Thatcher’s Britain and turned it on it’s head. Youth turnout has increased, up to now outnumbered and apathetic, they have not quite reached the tipping point, but they are close. Even with a high turnout, they needed the assistance of the WASPI women, pensioners concerned about social care and middle aged remainers, but they have made their mark as a force not to be ignored.

    The North Node passed over TM’s Pluto(/Moon?) and JC’s Saturn and fixed star Regulus (which I think warns against hubris and vengeance, if memory serves?). JC has 30+ years experience as a parliamentarian, a lifelong campaigner and is used to talking to people, getting his message across, with his ear to the ground. He ran a positive campaign with a dislike of personal attacks. TM’s image became almost shadowy, cynical and manipulative in comparison, and her party fought a much more personal campaign. I think Ruth Davison also has NN on Saturn right now, though I haven’t followed her campaign.

  5. The United Kingdom is certainly a lot luckier than the United States. We’re still stuck with Fascist Trump and his RepubliKKKan (I mean, Republican) Party.

      • I’ve just read up on them and I’m, horrified! They sound like they have a LOT in common with the Republican Administration with their backwards ideology regarding religion and tradition. Heaven help us. I suppose the fact they only have 10 seats to offer the Tories still means, there is going to be so much dilly-dallying to try and push votes through. Which is a lot better than having absolute power to railroad their ugly beliefs down the masses throat. So, thank God it wasn’t a landslide. What is it with these militant religious groups? They have so much more in common with their Middle-Eastern cousins that it’s ironic that they can’t see it.

  6. Thanks Marjorie
    Maybe the delusional Neptune effect will just carry on. It’s confusing and self deceiving influence will somehow propel her forward, but with zero authority and credibility. Under what astrological signature do we find hubris? Is BJ looking like the next leader? Thats all we need….

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