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The newly nominated FBI chief to replace James Comey is Christopher A Wray who served as Deputy Attorney General under GWB, and more recently was Chris Christie’s defence lawyer over Bridgegate. He will face a tough confirmation hearing over his independence from the White House. But on the whole there’s relief that it could have been a worse nominee.

Born 17 December 1966, he’s a late Sun Sagittarius like Comey, and in Wray’s case his Sun squares onto a determined Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo. He’s evidently understated so his Sun, fairly ego-centric on the point of a T Square,  must be in one of the hidden houses. His Jupiter in Leo is trine Mercury in Sagittarius, sextile Mars in Libra, which makes sense for a lawyer, as does the Sag Sun.

He’s not a comfortable mix with Trump since his Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto squares onto Trump’s Sun Uranus opposition Moon; and his Mars is conjunct Trump’s Neptune – so very jangled interface and under-supportive.

Their relationship chart (assuming he is confirmed) has a tense tr Pluto trine the composite Mars in Sept/Oct this year; with tr Saturn in a separating square to the composite Sun opposition Mercury this month and again in October; and worse through 2018 to 2020.

It’s not as combustible as Comey’s relationship with Trump since Comey’s Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Mars, and his Uranus Pluto straddle Trump’s Ascendant so in a position to change the public image of the president. That relationships looks set to rumble on disruptively for another two if not three years.

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  1. I see Trumps Mercury square Neptune as a prominent theme. Lies, distortion, exaggeration, spin, media manipulation, double dealing, propensity for fraud, sharp practice, idiot tweets, outright dishonesty. Coupled with his absurdly macho Mars in Leo rising, we get a low grade Grifter meets Baron von Munchausen running the free world. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny…

  2. As Solaia says Trump has a Sagittarius Moon – and Mars, Pluto, Ascendant in Leo, also Fire. His Moon is also in his 4th suggesting father was a support for him and maybe, despite Fred Snr being a Libra, there’s some resonance there. Though he’s discovering to his cost that you can’t stop Sag from speaking their mind.
    Obama had some heavily Scorpionic aides, despite being a Leo and a Sun Uranus at that. Scorpio rules his 9th house and midheaven – so good intellectual rapport and career advancement. Trump also has a fair few Capricorns which is his 5th house for fun and parties – and also a strong business resonance.

  3. In my chart I have a lack of fire. Well, I have Neptune in Sagittarius (Singleton), but does that damp squib of energy really count for anything, lol? I noticed throughout school, I would often find myself in the company of mainly Leo’s, a few Aries, and the odd Sagittarian. In high school, I was the only Virgo among a group of 4-5 Leo friends, plus a Gemini. Perhaps I was drawn to them because I have a lack of fire?

    I’m fairly introverted but, I’m actually quite fond of that Leo exuberance. I like the way they don’t take things too personally and have a good laugh at things. However, if their negative side is more emphasized and there is a whiff of grandstanding, arrogance and narcissism, I’m off!

    So, it just made me question if there is a lack of Sagittarian/fire/planetary qualities in Trump’s chart? Though, a lack of fire or air would be difficult to believe with all his showboating tendencies. But, it is interesting though when odd patterns emerge. I’m not sure I put it entirely down to coincidence.

        • Thanks, Solaia, that explains Trump then. I don’t know why that hadn’t clicked in my mind, because I’m certain Marjorie will have written about it. I suppose it explains emotionally, why he would just open his flap without thinking. Depending on other planetary factors in his chart, it would define whether that would be a positive or negative thing.

          Larry, I’ve never been drawn to other Virgos. I’m aware of our annoying habits and sometimes see it in them too and it’s such a turn off, of which I’m sure they think the same about me, lol. I’m also a Cancerian moon, and oddly find I’m quite drawn to those in the public eye who tend to be Pisces sun/Cancer moons or vice versa regardless of gender yet, weirdly, I’m often in the company of fire signs in real life. We are all like little astro jigsaw puzzles 😀

    • Wray used to be Chris Christie’s lawyer during The Bridgegate. His job was essentially to build a firewall between Christie’s aides and Christie. This is all about “firewalling” the Russia Probe. It’s evident fron how Senate Republicans question Comey at his hearing. They are throwing Flynn, Sessions, possibly even Pence under the bus. Hope someone will pull a Comey and hand their appoints to a friend who’ll leak them to the press.

  4. Didn’t you mention way back when Trump was getting his team together that there is an unusual predominance of Sagittarians around him? I wonder why he attracts those star signs into his vacuum?

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