Tom Cruise – action man pulls it off again



Tom Cruise appears to be unstoppable with his sixth Mission Impossible just out garnering rave reviews and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He returns as US agent Ethan Hunt, battling a global catastrophe while defying death with alarming regularity and doing his own stunts. Which in this one led to a broken ankle during shooting when a leap off a building went wrong.

Born 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, New York at maybe 3.06pm, he’s a Sun Cancer but with an incredibly Fixed chart. His Mars in ultra-determined Taurus makes a high-adrenaline square to Uranus in Leo. His Venus in showy Leo and Leo North Node oppose Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio – leading to a complicated love life, an ability to lead the field, and an inclination to odd beliefs. He’s also got a self-protective, emotional and creative, though not always realistic Water Grand Trine of Sun to Jupiter in Pisces trine Neptune, formed into a Kite with a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto, making influential and controlling Pluto the driving planet. His Moon is probably in Leo.

He’s certainly looking enthusiastic at the moment with tr Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint running till later in the year. A few dips in 2019/2020 and then back hitting the heights again. Fixed charts have the endurance factor and tend to like ploughing the same furrow.

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