Katie Price – a life of tabloid turmoil



Katie Price, a sort of UK answer to the Kardashians, started life as a glamour model and became a television personality, author, singer, designer and businesswoman and is now worth many millions.  She’s had a complicated and lurid love life, lived out through the tabloids with an illegitimate disabled child, three former husbands and four other children. And is now romancing a much younger fitness instructor. Her two middle children are now reportedly living with her ex and their father, Peter Andre; and she’s making a new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life in which she slags off husband No 3.

Born 22 May 1978 in Brighton, with divorced parents, she’s a Sun Gemini opposition a Scorpio/Sagittarius Moon and has a volatile Uranus square Mars, with Mars in a hard conjunction to Saturn in wannabe-important Leo. Her Mars is also in a showbizzy mini-Grand Trine to Neptune, sextiling onto a controlling and determined Pluto; with Pluto in a pushily confident square to Jupiter. And her Jupiter is in a frivolous/fashion conjunction to Venus. Last but not least her Mercury in Taurus opposes Uranus giving her an outspoken streak.

All power to her for having made a small fortune out of unlikely beginnings and she looks pretty good for a mother of five, even given surgical help. But her chart describes a thoroughly aggravated and aggravating personality. Relationships won’t be her strong point with a North Node in Libra, never mind her Moon opposition her Sun and perhaps square Saturn, maybe Mars if an early birth time.

Her mother is evidently suffering from an incurable lung disorder and may die soon, which will be an immense worry for her at the moment. She does have tr Neptune opposition her Mars/Pluto midpoint at the moment and repeating till late 2019 which will feel disastrous, plus another couple of undermining Neptune transits to two Saturn midpoints.

2 thoughts on “Katie Price – a life of tabloid turmoil

  1. Thanks Marjorie

    Also not a fan but Yeah it seems sad that she is dealing with her issues in such a self destructive type of way.

  2. Her mother’s illness appears to be tipping her over the emotional edge. I’m not fond of her but when she was on a talk show panel a little time back she broke down about her mother’s illness and how she couldn’t talk to her, but the not talking to her was destroying her clearly, as she’s close to her mother. Presenter, Ruth Langsford, had to escort her off the stage as she was sobbing uncontrollably. She just can’t deal with the prospect of losing her mother and I did feel a bit sorry for her, but she’s dealing with it in quite a reckless, lonely way. Her life just seems like a sad car wreck.

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