Kylian Mbappe – a banlieue boy with a unique talent



French football success in the world cup (so far) comes with a twist since many of their players, including the star Kylian Mbappe, are banlieue boys. The banlieues are effectively ghetto areas with large, working-class (or more often unemployed), non-white communities, synonymous with riots and social strife, thought of as breeding grounds for crime and terrorism. Yet 8 out of the 23 possible players come from these blights on France’s social conscience to which Macron has still found no answer.

Mbappe was born 20 December 1998 1.47am Paris, with a Cameroon-born, football-coach/agent father and a former handball-playing Algerian mother. He has a sharp-witted 3rd house sporty Sagittarius Sun in an inspirational Fire Grand Trine to Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries trine a ‘leadership’ North Node in Leo. His Mars in Libra on his Ascendant (Libra is often an athletic sign) is in a high-adrenaline trine to Uranus on the cusp of his sporting 5th, sextile an influential Pluto Mercury. His Sun is in a confident and lucky square to Jupiter and his Mars squares Moon Venus in ambitious Capricorn. He’s certainly got drive, high energy and a unique talent which was obvious to those who saw him play early on. He’s now a French champion and the world’s second-most expensive player and still a teenager.

I hope I’m wrong but he’s got tr Pluto conjunct his accident-prone Mars/Saturn midpoint from today for a few weeks ahead; having had tr Pluto in a lucky and successful sextile to his Jupiter up until today. So maybe hope the Jupiter hangs around and the Mars/Saturn is just World Cup stress.

Pic by Кирилл Венедиктов

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  1. he appears being a level headed boy. He looks like a good-looking version (IMO) of great Ronaldo Nazario, no way he’s as talented as him or the fabulous Zidane. Amazing players like Ronaldo and Zidane are much missed in current World football scene!

    • And very pleased I am that it held off. The village here nearly went into meltdown last night with cars racing up and down the roads, much horn blowing and shouting.

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