Jim Jordan – twinned with Palin. Gotti Jnr, Beck



Deep state, fake news and #metoo are being bandied about in the increasingly heated debate about what Jim Jordan, Republican congressman in Ohio knew about widespread sexual abuse by a team doctor when he was assistant wrestling coach at the university. First he flatly denied knowing anything, then he said he might have heard locker room rumours – to date nine former wrestlers and a former coach said they knew and three allege Jordan knew and did nothing. He and his supporters claim he’s being smeared because he has been grilling federal investigators, probing alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russians and has been put forward as a potential speaker by the House Freedom Caucus if the GOP retain the majority.

I caught a few headlines and didn’t read further since it seemed like an internal US political brouhaha. But having been asked, I had a look, and does he have an interesting chart?

Jordan was born 17 February 1964 – three days after John Gotti Jnr, (the convicted former mobster’s son), six days after Sarah Palin and 7 days after Glen Beck (right-wing conspiracy theorist jock.) All of them have similar charts – a ferociously hard-edged and aggressive Sun Mars Saturn in Aquarius with Neptune in Scorpio in square. Plus a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (Moon) in Aries. An apex Jupiter can have an effect on social affairs but tends to be undone by self-aggrandisement. He has another Yod of Mercury in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries inconjunct Uranus – can be a trailblazer but is also divisive and tends to cause rifts.

His apex Uranus has moved by Solar Arc to catch the tr Uranus opposition, shaking it up at the moment and into early 2019; and his Sun, Mars, Saturn has moved to catch the tr Pluto square this year and on till 2021.He looks unnerved as of this month; but will be in better spirits (in a minor way) in 2019/2020.

2 thoughts on “Jim Jordan – twinned with Palin. Gotti Jnr, Beck

  1. Lots of fixed energy, combined with some air placements (thoughts, ideology) can be quite reactionary in nature. That might be the common thread that binds Palin, Beck and Jordan.

  2. I doubt many Republican Politicians are happy about new Indictments to Russian Hackers, because it’s very hard to push Russian involvement as a Democratic Conspiracy now, but Jim must be extatic.

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