John Cleese – taking his woes with him



John Cleese, the Monty Python comedian, appears to have lost his sense of humour about the UK and is baling out to live in the Caribbean. He said he had become disappointed over the “lying and triviality” of UK newspapers; and the standard of debate around Brexit which he was for. He always was a grump and has spent relatively little time in the country, so it’ll hardly make a difference.

Born 27 October 1939 3.15am Weston Super Mare, England, he has a Scorpio Sun square Pluto, which suited him for the role of uptight and bitter Basil in Fawlty Towers. His Mercury Venus also in obsessive Scorpio oppose Uranus and square Mars in contrary Aquarius, which will give him a penchant for speaking sharply, getting volcanically angry and leading a complicated romantic life. His Aries Moon is conjunct Saturn in his 8th with Saturn opposition a Libra North Node square Pluto – emotionally bleak.  Saturn squares his Sun/Moon midpoint so close relationships will always have been difficult for him – he’s now on his fourth marriage.

Tr Saturn and tr Pluto are both moving through his 4th house of home and family so a move was likely. And with tr Uranus now opposition his Sun and square his Pluto for the next few months he will have the urge to cut the chains that bind and throw everything up in the air. Tr Pluto is also trine his Uranus for more upheavals.

Relocating his chart to the Caribbean puts Jupiter on his midheaven, so he’ll feel respected and admired there; with a fun-loving Venus Mercury in the 5th. Though whether he’ll turn from being a tortured soul to a happy man is questionable.

His creative 7th harmonic is strongly aspected – describing a seeking soul who needs peace, also a perfectionist; can be too sceptical, critical, sarcastic, cold, self-centred.

His 13th harmonic is also notable, which was the case for Peter Sellers – genius and breaking with the orthodox. In Cleese’s case it has a malcontent Pluto as well as luck and talent.

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