Tom and Taylor – great pics, pity about the relationship

Taylor SwiftTom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston comp Taylor Swift


Is it real or just another showbiz fake-up? The maybe-next James Bond Tom Hiddleston smooching it up with Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter who goes through relationships like wildfire and publicises them all the way.

It’s an unlikely pairing with TH’s Aquarius Sun clashing with TS’s Pluto and Mars in Scorpio and his Uranus conjunct her Mars. Ouch. Admittedly both have Venus in Aquarius and she is a Sagittarius Sun which fits his Sun and Aries Moon. But her Sun is conjunct his Neptune so she’ll find him evasive and non-committal. Her Uranus Mercury Neptune Saturn in Capricorn square his Saturn Jupiter in Libra so her scattergun approach to life may pall with his more balanced idealism.

Their relationship chart does have a squeak of passionate attraction from a composite Venus square Pluto; but otherwise it’ll be argumentative and emotionally cool with a composite Sun Mars and Moon maybe opposition Saturn.

He’s a serious actor with a string of awards for stage and screen and up till now very silent about his private life.  He’s in danger of turning himself into tabloid fodder.

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