Rangers and Celtic – outdated enmities

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The ‘old firm’ Glasgow football matches between Protestant Rangers and Catholic Celtic used to be high tension and violent affairs until alcohol was banned from the grounds. The clubs starting to take in players from the alternative religion over the past 25 years.

Rangers was founded in 1872, played the first match in late May 1872 and was incorporated on 27 May 1899.

The Rangers first match chart has an argumentative Sun Mars in Gemini with a tough Saturn in Capricorn opposition Uranus Jupiter in Cancer square Neptune in Aries –so quite fanatical.  The incorporation chart is also Sun Gemini with Sun opposition Uranus; and Pluto Neptune in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius, sextile/trine Mars in flamboyant Leo – so high-wire, tough, strong ideals/beliefs though not concerned with tradition, bumptious.

Celtic FC was founded 6 Nov 1887 and made a limited company 12 April 1897. The foundation chart has a determined, lucky Sun Jupiter in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo which would clash with Rangers’ Mars in Leo. There is also a forceful Mars in Virgo square Pluto and sextile Sun Jupiter – so they wouldn’t take provocation lying down.

The Celtic company chart has a go-ahead, sporty Sun Aries with Mars in volatile Cancer, and a relentless Saturn Uranus in Scorpio. That chart also sits uncomfortably with the Rangers Inc since the Celtic Uranus Saturn opposes the Rangers Sun.

Their first ever match against each other on 28 May 1888 had a Sun Pluto Neptune conjunction opposition Jupiter, which was sextile/trine Saturn and North Node in Leo; and an explosive Mars Uranus conjunction.   Jupiter Pluto is a struggle for the upper hand; Neptune Pluto scandal-prone, very fixed views, wedded to a vision. Celtic won.

The relationship charts between Rangers Inc and both Celtic dates are relatively similar – chained-together- and-resenting it Saturn Pluto aspects, some fun and friendliness and a good deal of hostility.

Not sure what conclusions, if any, come out of all of this. The religious divisions seems very old hat nowadays. The sectarian, pro-Ireland, anti-Westminster/Monarchy, ethnic, nationalist bitterness no doubt lingers on.

2 thoughts on “Rangers and Celtic – outdated enmities

  1. Alex, It is a terrible Celtic failing – never being able to leave the past behind. Forgive, and if you can’t do that, forget and move on.

  2. Good stuff M. To ex pat Scots like you and me its old hat for sure, but to these guys in the West of Scotland it’s as real as it ever was. Their hatred and bigotry is preserved in amber, Jurassic style! Bampots….

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