Lou Ferrigno Jnr – apples and trees, two intense Scorpios

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Lou Ferrigno Jnr, eldest son of The Incredible Hulk, has followed in his father’s footsteps, taking up body building and after a stint modelling and doing commercials, is now acting in films and on TV. Most imminently in an episode of Bones.

Born 10 Nov 1984 6.56pm Los Angeles, he’s got a full and ultra-determined 5th house with his Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn as well as Pluto in Scorpio there. So he’ll want to be taken as a serious contender in the entertainment business though may ultimately go into the organisational side with Saturn in the 5th.

He’s got a charming 7th house Venus Neptune in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, so will come across well. His 12th house Gemini Moon opposes Uranus Mercury in the 6th so he’s a curious mix of stubborn and adaptable, rooted and restless.

His Pluto is square an 8th house Mars in Capricorn. That plus the Sun Saturn suggests someone who has had a fair amount of frustration in his life and difficulty living up to his father’s expectation or success.

He’s got tr Saturn about to rise above his Descendant in 2017 so he should be more successful in the time ahead. Though it’ll feel like a slog with tr Saturn sextile his Sun Saturn; and conjunct his four Sagittarius planets and opposition his Moon from now till 2018.

But he’ll have tr Jupiter in his 5th soon for a year and this year’s Solar Return looks successful.

His relationship chart with his father, 9 Nov 1951 1.30am New York, another Sun Scorpio is quite tricky. There’s a composite affectionate Sun Venus; but also a Sun Mars Neptune conjunction.  The latter reflects a showbiz family but does also suggest an ego problem. When one succeeds the other feels diminished.

Senior has a Scorpio Sun square Pluto so is a heavyweight personality, shaped by his deafness as a child and a fair amount of bullying before he took up weight lifting.

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