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If people aren’t dropping dead, there’s violence, mayhem and horror wherever you turn – or draggy elections and referendums.  I keep looking for uplifting stories to astrologise but they seem to be in short supply.

12 thoughts on “Questions & Comments – preferably some cheerful ones

  1. It’s been such a horrible week.

    Perhaps Rick Astley’s return to the top of the charts after 29 years in the wilderness? He never did give us up 😉

  2. Marjorie, you could always return to the eternally important question of who Prince Harry will marry. (Sorry, was just kidding you- I know you get asked those kinds of questions a lot!) News is grim as hell at the moment, isn’t it? I shall try to think Jupiterian thoughts.

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    What do you think is causing all this stress, death, and negativity at the moment? Is there an astrological aspect currently in place which is the catalyst for all this misery abounding at the moment?

    I was just reading through some of your EU posts. In one of them dated 26th Dec 2015, you mentioned the EU would take an almighty jolt approximately 6 months or a little before, which would place the event by June 26th 2016. It’s interesting because I believe the EU referendum wasn’t announced until Feb 2016 and the voting takes place on 23rd June! I imagine the ‘almighty jolt’ is we are leaving, because if we stayed, the EU would not be dealing with this predicted impact and carry on just as usual? And they say there’s nothing in astrology at all! You should have another page where your astro predictions have come to pass!

    Jo 🙂

  4. Hi, Marjorie,

    Thanks again for your wonderful world news insights! For some “good news”, could you possibly check out the horoscope of Canadian Member of Parliament Michael Chong, born November 22, 1971, in Windsor, Ontario?

    On May 16, he announced his bid to become leader of the federal Conservative Party after its defeat last year and the resignation of Stephen Harper. I’m wondering about his chances of becoming, firstly, leader of that party, and secondly, the next prime minister after (currently) popular Justin Trudeau?

    I like a lot of things about Chong. He’s a fiscal conservative but is considered a “moderate” in his party. He supported the Kyoto Accord despite his party’s opposition to it. He no longer opposes gay marriage.

    Most importantly, I see him as a potential unifier of Canadians. To quote from Wikipedia, he resigned from Stephen Harper’s cabinet in 2006 “to express his opposition to a motion before the House of Commons, put forward by Prime Minister Harper, which recognized “the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada”. Chong said that the motion was akin to ethnic nationalism, which he opposes. During the press conference he held to announce his decision, he said “I believe in one nation, undivided, called Canada”.” He thus lost a cabinet minister’s income and access to power for nine years for the sake of an important principle. The payoff for him in the minds of Canadian voters is much-needed distance from the widely loathed Harper!

    Even more importantly for the cause of social harmony in Canada, Chong is of mixed race — like Barak Obama! He is the son of a Dutch immigrant mother and a Hong Kong Chinese immigrant father and he has already demonstrated opposition to the ethnic/racial pigeon-holing that blights Canadian politics. Quoting again from Wiki: “Chong wrote an opinion editorial for the Globe and Mail newspaper in late 2004 entitled “Canadians without hyphens”, criticizing John Barber’s suggestion that there were not enough Chinese-Canadian MPs representing areas with large Chinese populations. Chong noted he was elected in a riding with a 97% Caucasian population, while John McCallum was elected in Markham—Unionville, which is more than 60% Asian. Chong argued that these results reflected his idea of Canada, adding that he favoured the creation of a “common Canadian identity that will allow for greater understanding among ethnic groups”.”

    Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau — for all his idealism and good intentions — divisively plays favourites along colour lines. For example, there are roughly the same number of Sikh South Asian-Canadians and African-Canadians, yet Trudeau picked four Sikhs for his cabinet and not one black Canadian. He even boasted that he has more Sikhs in his cabinet than that of Indian Prime Minister Modi. Yet a comparison of the educational qualifications of Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger, 36, who has a B.A. in Science, and Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes, 44, who happens to be black and who has a healthcare management MBA and an executive MBA and was named Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 by the Toronto Region Board of Trade begs the question: how hard would it have been for Justin Trudeau to include members of EVERY racial group in Canada in his cabinet? I can only imagine how hurtful this exclusion has been to black Canadians.

    So I live in hope that Chong has the stars going for him, and thus for Canada!

  5. Hi Marjorie

    Hope all’s well.

    Can you give us some insight on the unidos podemos party running in the Spanish election next week? They’re admittedly nothing to cheer about, being the first communist party in Western Europe in 70 years with a chance of forming a government. But they definitely seem newsworthy.

    Also, any thoughts about Japan? The country has been shoved out of the news lately by the litany of thugs, murderers, and fear mongerers of late.

    One last one… I’ve noticed that retrograde Mars has played an important role in israel’s history. A number of significant wars occurred either right after a Mars retrograde or during the retrograde itself. Any connection?

  6. If you are looking for a bit of light relief Marjorie, how about a profile – or at least an update of that wonderful humanitarian, Sir Bob Geldof?

  7. Cathie, There’s always a place for optimism. Hang onto your Jupiter. I remember years back looking at victims’ charts (of abuse) and the ones who survived best had strong Jupiters which gave them a kind of crazy optimism. It gave me renewed respect for even delusional hope. If it oils the wheels, why not?
    Jupiter is due another trine to Pluto this month on the 26th which should be a boost. Possibly more importantly by December tr Saturn will trine tr Uranus which is constructive change, not spectacular and champagne-cork-popping but the chance of a positive transition, keeping the best of the old and merging it with the best of the new. That returns on and off through 2017. Mercifully by that time we’ve got rid of the neurotic tr Saturn square tr Neptune which is part of why this year is so paranoid, uncertain and reality-distorting. Nothing seems solid or sane as Neptune undermines Saturn’s robust common sense. And in 2017 the disruptive Uranus square Pluto is pulling further apart which has caused havoc over recent years.

  8. Agreed. The world is difficult and drab. Any positive insights for the future? Will we get back into a more benign stage? Might all this be sweeping aside toxins to come to a better place? Any point being an optimist?

  9. Is it possible you can compare Democrat Patrick Murphy and Republican Marco Rubio’s charts to see who has a better chance of winning Florida in this November’s senate race?

  10. Dear Marjorie

    I trust that you are well and enjoying life? What are your thoughts on the progression of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool FC during the next Premiere League season which starts in August? I am quite fascinated by him.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes


  11. Marjorie, Maybe this is a distraction from some of the news of today. Here is an up and coming actor. Son of Lou “The Incredible Hulk” Ferrigno. Lou Jr. b.10 Nov 1984 6:56 PM Los Angeles. He will have a guest star role Thursday on the American TV show Bones. He has been in several other shows with minor rolls. His info is on ADB. How does his career look and anything else you see. He is very focused on his career.

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