Noor Salman – wrong choices

Noor SalmanOmar MateenOmar M comp Noor Salman


Noor Salman, second wife of the Orlando shooter, was born 26 May 1986 in San Francisco of Palestinian heritage and doesn’t appear to have been overly religious in an orthodox sense or political.  Though she seems to have been with her husband when he bought ammunition and went to survey the nightclub, so she may be charged as an accessory.

She’s a Sun Gemini opposition Saturn and inconjunct Pluto; with Venus opposition Neptune – so probably low self-worth and bad emotional judgement. Her Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct her Neptune now which will be panicky and uncertain; with bleak Solar Arcs over the next two years.

The relationship chart with her husband has an afflicted Mars which is inconjunct Venus, square Pluto and sextile Mars – so there would be a good deal of anger and hostility in their relationship. With a Mars Pluto hard aspect he may well have held all the power. .

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