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Yet another set of disturbing allegations about child sex abuse have emerged focussing on the late Clement Freud MP. His wife appears to accept them and apologised to the women involved, one now in her 70s who wanted to have her voice heard before she died.

The grandson of Sigmund Freud and brother of artist Lucian Freud, he was a popular, witty figure on television and in the House of Commons and was given a glowing eulogy by Gordon Brown when he died.

Clement Freud was born 24 April 1924 in Berlin and was a Sun Taurus in a stressed opposition to Saturn in Libra square Mars in Capricorn; with a Capricorn Moon. There would be a harshness about his childhood from that Mars Saturn which can be a signature for abuse, although it also carries other meanings and can act out in other ways.

Another stomach-churning case has emerged about William Vahey, an American serial child molester, born in New York on 7 May 1949. Despite being convicted for child assaults when he was 20, he was allowed to teach children all over the world and was still teaching in a private London school as late as 2013. Parents of children abused by him are now suing. He was described by the FBI as “one of the most prolific and heinous alleged predators we’ve ever seen”. He committed suicide in 2014 when the most recent investigation was ongoing.

He was a Sun, Venus and Mars in Taurus with Mars square Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun Venus square Pluto; with a Virgo Moon. His Mars was trine Saturn. So some similiarities.

I hasten to add before I get deluged by angry Taureans that not all, indeed 99.9% don’t turn out this way.  But heavily Fixed charts can sensualise affections. Vahey evidently started in his teens which would make one assume that what went on before was what warped him.

His father was a decorated WW11 pilot – Mars Saturn does have military associations but in his case it clearly got perverted into its much less palatable qualities.

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