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As if football’s reputation wasn’t wrecked enough after the whole FIFA corruption scandal, there now appears to be armed combat breaking out in France between Russian and England supporters. The UK media have been careful to own up to drunk Brits but the real trouble appears to be the Russian ultras, extreme Right-wing militants, muscled and tooled up, who at home openly flaunt neo-Nazi flags and have turned many of their domestic games into war zones.

Putin has now slapped down their behaviour as Russia stands at risk of being disqualified, with 50 of their fans now on the road to deportation.

The Russia 5 Sept 1991 7.30am chart has a 12 degree Virgo Sun which is picking up the exact tr Saturn square and tr Neptune opposition, so panic and unease on the home front.

Why they have specifically targeted England matches isn’t clear but looking at the charts of the two countries, there is certainly no love lost.

The Russia 1917 chart has Pluto conjunct the UK MC and opposition the UK Sun and square the UK Uranus. The Russia 1991 chart has Uranus Neptune conjunct the UK 4th house Sun and IC, opposition MC and square the UK Uranus.  So all bad news. Both Russia charts have Scorpio and Leo planets which clash with the UK’s wide Fixed Grand Cross.

On the composites: UK and Russia 1991, there’s a bleak, unyielding composite Sun Saturn sextile Pluto; and an angry, volatile composite Moon Mars square Mercury which tr Uranus is hammering at the moment.

The Russia 1917 UK relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun Uranus which the tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting exactly at the moment; and tr Uranus is square the composite Venus, throwing up emotional tensions.

As if the world didn’t have enough problems at the moment. Sport is supposed to be relaxing fun.

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  1. Alex, Isn’t that interesting? I had always assumed the Rangers v Celtic clash was to do with antipathy to immigrant Irish Catholics. What you seem to be suggesting is it goes much further back to the Stuart versus Tudor punch up of RC Mary, Queen of Scots versus Protestant Elizabeth in that febrile time when Scotland became part of the union with England. Well marginally post-Elizabeth in King James V1 and 1st era. That whole period makes the Muslim Shia Sunni split seem quite tame by comparison.
    Will look see.

    • Hiya, no you’re right the sectarianism is overwhelmingly about anti catholic sentiment on one hand, and pro Irish, anti Monarchy sentiment on the other. The Troubles in Northern Ireland are are reflected in the Glasgow/west of Scotland bigotry, in microcosm. The two sides alway remind me of Deep South rednecks in the USA, relying on ” heritage”, racism, religion, fear, anger, resentment, rigid social hierarchy, and so on. Rangers fans or at least a large number of them actually support England and of course the great majority of Celtic fans are very pro RoI. It’s dark and swampy from an astrological viewpoint as much as anything else but might make an interesting post?

  2. Alex, Heaven forfend that I should suggest Scottish football fans are other than true gentlemen. Though I do remember a very (blackly) funny scene from years ago when Scottish Rangers (I think or maybe it was Celtic) fans broke onto an international pitch and the Spanish riot police turned tail and fled.
    No, that wasn’t in my mind at all. I was more trying to think how to encapsulate the national antipathies that underlay it. Why Russians were picking on the English rather than anyone else.
    As to violent civil disturbance. Sun opposition Mars/Pluto will do it. Ebertin: ‘The misfortune to suffer violent assaults, injuries, the tendency to proceed in a brutal manner.’ About says it all.

    • Yup that was Glasgow Rangers in Barcelona in 1969, a club side not in any way representative of the national side. Actually many Rangers fans support England, due to their strong adherence to the Crown and are in fact anti Scottish at least in terms of the national team. Have you ever looked at the astrology of the Old Firm ( Rangers and Celtic?). I’d be willing to bet religious zealotry, secret societies, tribal hostility of a high order, and of course alcohol fuelled rivalry figure highly. As both teams are “Establishment” in Scotland perhaps Capricorn and or Saturn prominent too?
      Best wishes A

  3. Thanks Marjorie, I think I was more concerned with correcting the idea that “Britain” and the “Brits” were implicated in the thuggery, rather than the confusion caused to your myriad of Russian thug readers Like you I’m Scottish and proud of our fans and their reputation overseas. Less proud of their prowess on the football field. Does Ebertin have anything to say on mass violence of a civil kind like this?

  4. Alex, It did cross my mind but I reckoned that the distinction would be lost on the Russian thugs. The England 1066 has a Capricorn Sun same degree as the UK 1801, so similar crossovers will apply as above. The England 973AD has a Taurus Sun Mars square Pluto in Leo which definitely clashes with Russia’s Scorpio planets. And the relationship charts are bleak and argumentative, so again similar. There are heavy transits to both England 973 and the two Russia charts at the moment.

  5. Good point, sadly Scotland didn’t qualify for the tournament, though Wales and Northern Ireland are there. It seems the England fans have been specifically targeted. Many Russians are fascinated with the prestige of the premier league (20 Feb 1992) so that is a draw, not to mention those clubs are like a must have accessory for a Russian oligarch. Also there is a lingering reputation regarding England fans from the 70’s and 80’s when hooliganism emerged, during a time of high unemployment. So lack of education plus poverty, frustration and a feeling of not sharing in the success.

  6. You are conflating Britain with England in this piece and referencing UK charts when I suspect the 1066 england chart is most appropriate. The other UK nations are not involved in any rioting.

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