Jo Cox MP – killed defending democracy

Jo Cox shootingJo Cox


UK Labour MP Jo Cox, a mother of two, has died after being shot and stabbed, in an attack at her constituency, by a man shouting ‘Britain First’ which is the slogan of the far-right party, though they disavow all knowledge.

Before entering parliament she worked for a decade for Oxfam, becoming their head of humanitarian campaigns. She worked with disadvantaged groups in Darfur and Afghanistan, was involved in an anti-slavery charity, as well as campaigning for the lifting of the blockade on Gaza. In her maiden speech she celebrated her constituency’s ethnic diversity; and as an MP focussed on the plight of Syrian refugees. She’d been campaigning for Remain.

Born 22 June 1974, she was a Sun Saturn in Cancer square Pluto so patriotic and tough. Her showy Mars (maybe Moon) was in Leo is in a publicity-attracting trine to Neptune and sextile Pluto. She also had a charitable Jupiter in Pisces.

Tr Uranus was exactly opposition her natal Uranus now and within minutes of a degree square her Mars/Saturn midpoint which is accident/violence prone.

The attack happened just before 1pm in Leeds. There was a Yod of an 8th house Uranus sextile Sun Venus inconjunct Mars in Scorpio. The Sun/Venus midpoint is conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol. So an unholy combination of a highly stressed, vengeful retrograde Mars in Scorpio plus Algol. Plus the paranoid Saturn Neptune square is exact. Venus was also opposition the hard, loss-making Saturn/Pluto midpoint; Mars in an explosive opposition to Sun/Uranus; and a destructive, brutal Pluto = Mars/Saturn and conjunct Mars/Neptune.


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  1. RIP Jo.
    I hope in time we can do synasteries and composites for the people involved – both Jo and her assailant and the bystander who was also stabbed. Alas there is no simple explanation or analysis in this case. Astrology is about fate and in this case the fates of two people who were attracted to a certain place and time for a certain act to take place. This is an expression of karma – which both of them had in common. There are lots of people with extreme views of all colours and creeds. Few of them commit acts such as this. On the face of it, the Pistorius/Steenkamp debacle takes on a similar good v evil position but with imperial analysis, one can see astrologically, a long standing thread of violence and revenge. Pluto and Orcus, Eris, Pallas, Sirius, Facies show up so far. Mars Moon in Jo’s chart could well attract violence if sublimated – however, this is not the time to pursue the study too deeply. She had two young children and our thought must be with them.

  2. Ian, Thanks for the pointer on Erin. Trouble is you end up with so many different pieces of info it is difficult to extrapolate which event belongs to what influence; and often it’s a bouillabaisse of various influences pulling together to shift the tectonic plates over a fraction.

  3. P, It is difficult doing posts immediately a death occurs since there’s always a ghoulish, ambulance-chasing kind of feeling. Looking for motive
    may seem overly detached but clearly it is important. If he’d been shouting a Muslim slogan I’d have put that in. Several people do appear to have heard what the man shouted and he seemed to have connections to far-right groups which has been related on perfectly credible websites. It’s not a question of making political capital, more trying to understand the context.

  4. Jo Cox was killed by a local man with mental health problems, she happened to be an MP. These are the facts at this time. I don’t think you or anyone else should be making comments about the motive or alleged comments made for some kind of political point/capital.

    RIP Jo Cox.

    Focus on the astrology Marjorie.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I’ve been watching the build up of near-hysteria over the last month. Eris, the godess of strife and discord (who started the Trojan war, and in its discovery a decade ago brought about an almighty argument in the Astronomical Union leading to the redefinition of Pluto as a dwarf planet) was exactly in conjunction with transiting Uranus in Aries on the 9th June, and is presently at about 23°33′ Aries, reaching a station at 23°38′ Aries on the 19th June.
    I haven’t heard any astrologers talking about it – but surely the symbolism fits the current madness with all of the mad desire for freedom from restraint (Uranus, Eris in Aries),



  6. Marjorie –

    From Breitbart : Update 1830 — Widely quoted local admits he didn’t hear “Britain First”
    Local restaurant owner Hicham Ben Abdallah, widely quoted across the media as having claimed Mr. Mair shouted, “Britain First” has told Breitbart London “No, no. I did not hear that”.

    It seems many are now disowning the ‘Britain First’ claim.

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