Tiger Woods – back on top of his game



From a near-crippled has-been and the butt of late night TV jokes after his sex scandal, Tiger Woods has fought his way through four back operations to win his first Golf Masters and first major win in more than a decade.  He said afterwards it was wonderful for his kids to see him win after so many years watching him in pain.

Born 30 December 1975 10.50 pm Long Beach, California, he has a seriously determined Capricorn Sun square Pluto opposition Jupiter in upfront Aries, so he’s not short of confidence or driving determination.

There’s surprisingly little indication of a surge of triumph on his chart apart from tr Jupiter conjunct his IC, opposition MC and square his Ascendant and Moon/MC. Though his Solar Return for this year does have Jupiter in the 10th.

He’s had a stressed tr Uranus square his Solar Arc Mars and natal Saturn running up till last Saturday as he pulled out all the stops under huge pressure. And he has tr Neptune square his Mars all this month which isn’t usually a sign of great success though it can attract publicity.

He did start his comeback last year as tr Saturn started to move away from his low profile First Quadrant where it had been for seven years – and this is a time when individuals move out into the world more visibly and can become more successful than in the previous ‘dip’ phase.

But for all that top level sports stars are tricky to predict since often what shows up is serious stress and some panic which isn’t easy to interpret as success.

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  1. In a biwheel. his natal chart inner wheel and his Harmonic Age chart in the outer wheel we have:
    Harmonic Age Saturn at 22 Libra, exalted sextile HA Mercury, r1, r10, at 22Scorpio, in his 3rd House.
    HA Mercury at 22 sextiles natal Moon at 22 Sag. The number 22 is a Master number and he won the “MASTERS”.
    HA Sun-HA Moon, in 1st, opp HA Pluto-natal Jupiter, in the 7th, opponents/public performanc.
    HA Jupiter is in the 5th House, golf, opp HA Neptune, a dream come true, in11th of wishes.

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