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The phenomenon that is Game of Thrones returns to TV screens for its final season today and is expecting an audience of 1 billion across 170 countries. Based on George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels, it launched on 17 April 2011. This coincided with a tough, military Mars Mercury opposition Saturn in a ruthless and unyielding square to Pluto – influential, control-freaky, enduring, with a high mortality rate. There was also a lucky, adventurous Sun Jupiter in Aries trine a Sagittarius North Node, tuning it into the zeitgeist.  Venus in creative Pisces was also emphasised being on the focal point of a T Square onto the Node axis.

There’s been a two year hiatus since the last season so this one lands almost exactly on the Solar Arc Jupiter closing the conjunction to the Sun to exact, for a triumphant last curtain – barring all the prequels, spin offs to come.

George RR Martin, 20 September 1948 9.25 pm Bayonne, New Jersey, is evidently now involved in writing some scripts for prequel spinoffs, though he’s always been keen to spread his writing across a wider field than just sci-fi and GoT.

He has an entertaining and communicative 5th house Virgo Sun in a confident square to Jupiter in Sagittarius on one side and square an inventive, rebellious Uranus on the other; with his Sun inconjunct a 12th house Aries Moon; and an emotionally intense Venus Pluto in Leo sextile Mars in Scorpio in the hard-working 6th house.

Tr Uranus will square his Midheaven as the final season closes in late May for a change of direction. With the tr Jupiter Saturn conjunction due to cross his midheaven in 2021 he’ll be back on a high with tr Pluto following only a few years later. Though he’ll be facing a setback, either health or work related in late 2020 from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars.

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  1. Regarding setbacks: GRRM is famously incapable of finishing “A Song Of Ice And Fire”, the series GOT is based on. He pitched the outline for a three book series in 1991, I think. The first book came out in 1996. The latest, fifth, installment of the book series was published in 2011. It’s now intended to be a seven book series, but I have no idea on how he will pull that off. These books have an incredible amount of storylines, many of which were ditched for TV adaptation. It’s hard to believe, but the TV version is actually streamlined.

    My theory is GRRM won’t be able to finish the saga, and there will be a ghostwriter completing it based on his notes maybe after his death.

  2. has a time of 20:30 set for New York, NY, on 17 April 2011 for the TV show. Result: a five-planet stellium in Aries. That would explain all the battles, the violence, the wars, given the planet which rules this sign, but one would also expect a few more things in Scorpio given the enormous theme of sex in the series. The ascendant falls in this sign.

  3. There was a “Finding Your Roots” episode this season where George RR Martin learnt that his estrangered supposed grandfather really wasn’t his grandfather by discovering that instead of a quarter or so of Italian heritage he expected, he had 25 per cent Askenazi Jewish heritage. His (dear) grandmother who essentially raised him had been having an affair leading to the birth of his father. Leo Venus/Pluto in 4th now makes a lot of sense.

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