Tiffany Trump snags her billionaire-heir beau

Tiffany Trump married her long-time beau Michael Boulos, a Lebanese-American billionaire heir and business executive with interests in Nigeria on Saturday at Mar-a-Lago in a deliberately flashy display of conspicuous wealth. She is one of the “rich kids of Instagram” frequently including photographs of herself with friends or with descendants of famous parents or grandparents. She is Trump’s second daughter and his only child with Marla Maple. She flirted with the music business and modelling before doing a law degree and has made numerous appearances campaigning for her father.

 Born 13 October 1993 at 12.50pm West Palm Beach,  she is a sociable and confident Sun Jupiter in Libra square the excitable and inventive Uranus Neptune in Capricorn; with a hard-working Virgo Moon conjunct Venus, sextile an influencer Pluto and trine Uranus Neptune. She also has an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio conjunct Mercury which will give her a penetrating way of putting across her opinions and a tendency to harbour grudges.

  Her husband Michael Boulos, 25 August 1997, is a Sun Virgo square Pluto and sextile Mars in Scorpio so controlling and dogged; with a volatile and independent-minded Uranus and Jupiter square Mars. His Virgo Sun chimes with her Venus though they are not conjunct and his Venus in Libra with her Sun. His self-reliant Saturn opposes her Sun Jupiter so she’ll be more outgoing but it may help to keep her practical though work may get in the way of togetherness and building a home as a couple.

  Their relationship chart has a Half Grand Sextile of the composite Sun opposition Saturn square Jupiter; and sextile Pluto trine Uranus Neptune. Saturn in relationship charts is good for longevity, less so for warmth, but good for business – and Jupiter brings mutual confidence and smooths rough edges. Pluto helps cement them together as long as they continue to share joint ambitions. It may go through an initial dip with tr Neptune opposition the Sun in 2023 but in general is a reasonably solid connection.

  The wedding chart set for 5pm is more questionable with a 7th house Sun, Venus, Mercury opposition Uranus square a 10th house chilly and dutiful Saturn; and trine an unrealistic, castles-in-the-air Jupiter Neptune with a can-be-influential or can-be-destructive Pluto on the Midheaven.  Mind you it was held in a hurricane which can’t have helped. Be interesting to see how the chart plays out.

  Tiffany’s relationship with her father is just as fraught as Ivanka’s with the old man. In Tiffany’s case there is a scary and dominating Mars Pluto in an explosive opposition to Uranus – being around the Donald would be like walking through a minefield.

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  1. Someone may correct me, but I seem to recall reading DJT and Marla Maples lived essentially separated after Tiffany was born, and that after they divorced, Tiffany saw her father only few times a year. This might have been and may still be a saving grace, given DJT’s adult children will be going through some things related to Trump Inc. investigation. And while superficial in “Rich Ladies Who Yoga” kind of way, Marla does not seem all cold and emotionless drone, and was by all accounts a really supportive parent, so there’s that, too.

    May I also say Tiffany’s dress may have been the first outfit ever worn by any Trump woman I’ve truly liked. Marla also looked amazing, while Ivanka seemed to put some kind of shade on the bride by wearing a replica of Grace Kelly’s famous dress from “To Catch a Thief”, Melania was underwhelming, Lara’s dress strange high fashion, and Kimberly Guilfoyle truly “meme worthy” in a dress that seemed to channel Maleficent.

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