Thomas Mair – unstable white supremacist

Thomas Mair


Thomas Mair has been arrested and charged with the murder of Jo Cox MP and other offences. He was born 12 August 1963 in Kilmarnock, Scotland (anyone with a birth time, gratefully received); was brought up largely by grandparents, has a history of mental illness and although known as quiet and helpful, had connections with American Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Time of birth will make a considerable difference but even without it – he has a Leo Sun Venus opposition Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune probably opposition a Taurus Moon. So both his Sun and Moon are damped down and restricted by low self-worth Saturn and delusional Neptune. He also has a wide T Square of Mars in Libra opposition Jupiter square North Node in Cancer which would give him a strand of confidence; and Mercury in Virgo conjunct Pluto and Uranus, so mentally pressured and erratic.

His Mars was square Jo Cox’s Saturn Mercury Sun in Cancer and conjunct her Pluto – so there would be something about her work with the disadvantaged of other countries?, or her toughness which sparked his anger.

Their ‘relationship’ chart has a composite Sun square Saturn, trine Neptune and sextile Pluto Uranus – all very outer planet, so arguably less of a personal connection and more to do with what she represented.

Horrible tragedy. What is striking is how often the ISIS terrorist murderers have mental problems, and the Neo- Nazi/supremacist types ditto.

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