Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky – a new addition

Aidan Clinton Mevzinsky



Chelsea Clinton had her second baby, a boy called Aidan on Saturday at 7.41am in New York. Born a day before the Full Moon he has a Sun Gemini in a charming conjunction to Venus in Cancer, both in the 12th house, with Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius across the zodiac in the 5th, though too wide to be an opposition. He’s also got a Mutable Grand Cross of Mercury in Gemini opposition Moon Saturn square Neptune opposition Jupiter North Node in Virgo – so highly restless, scattered, will go off in all directions at once. Plus a Yod of a 10th house Uranus sextile Sun inconjunct a 4th house Mars in Scorpio, so problems fitting in, anger issues. He’ll be quite a whirlwind personality.


He’s different from his sister Charlotte, 26 Sept 2014 7.03pm, though both share a Cancer Ascendant. She has a more Cardinal chart with a Libra Sun, Uranus on the Ascendant in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th; with an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine.

Both will make their mark in some way. Charlotte’s Pluto in the 10th will make her influential later in life; while he will carve out a different kind of career, perhaps in communication with Uranus in the 10th.

He’ll possibly get on better with his father Marc Mezvinsky since there’s a buddy-bonding composite Sun Venus conjunction in their relationship chart. He’ll find his mother overly hard-working, more of a disciplinarian, rather an unpredictable presence in his life. He’ll get on well with his sister with Jupiter in his 3rd.

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