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  1. Regarding Brexit; Surely, astrologically, if a relationship is a strong one, a disabling aspect would not break it up? It’s broken up for a reason? I don’t believe of the entire 17.4 million people who voted OUT that all of them are racists? If that was the case, UKIP would have gained monumental ground in the general elections last year?

    The EU looks like its got more grief coming up right up to the year 2024, Marjorie? There is a MASSIVE problem with it and it’s gaining unpopularity throughout Europe with an almost 50/50 split. I feel the fundamental one is the anti-democratic way it conducts itself, which I think in the long-term, is dangerous.

    I don’t think it’s going to be easy sailing for the UK for a while – but, who knows, it would be nice to think we can regain ourselves and set an example. But, what of the inherently useless people we keep promoting to run our countries. my ideal outcome would have been for the EU to shut up and listen to the internal problems that are going on and not railroad their agendas. To learn the art of compromise which would have benefited us both. But, alas, it never worked out that way….

  2. Hi Marjorie

    I hope you’re well.

    I was trying to find some of your excellent past articles on the future survival of the EU but couldn’t find them on the new site. I seem to remember you hinting that the EU is unlikely to survive in the future in its present form. If you have chance in the next few weeks please could you repost some of your readings or possibly take another look at the changes ahead. I’d like to think that the European project gets a serious overhaul somewhere down the line – regardless of whether we vote to remain or leave. Many thanks Julie

  3. Dear Marjorie
    We seem at the moment in UK have put concerns with the price and availability of energy to one side when a couple of years ago there was great concern. With the current governments approach to renewables and the failure to start building any nuclear power stations as planned,I wonder what the next ten years will spell for the price and availability of energy in UK

  4. “At 7:41 AM Saturday, our family and hearts expanded with Aidan’s arrival. We are blessed.” Chelsea Clinton Tweet.

  5. Hi Marjorie, don’t know if you saw this in the 18th June Questions/Comments section – could you look at Priyanka Chopra’s chart: July 18 1982, Jamshedpur, India, (1.05am).

    She lost her father a bout 3 years ago whom she was super close to and she’s close with her mother too. She has 1 younger brother. She’s also lost a grandmother this month. She keeps her private life private (but has had a lot of speculation). She’s rumoured to have been involved with Shahid Kapoor some years back for quite a while. And the seedy side of the gossip mill in B-Town have insinuated she had a long term affair with, Shah Rukh Khan – denied, obviously by both parties. She has insinuated there is someone now, but many have questioned when on earth she gets the time as she flits from USA and India like a flea, spending much of her time flying or filming, and some have suggested she said it to supposedly get Shah jealous. Obviously, this is all tabloid conjecture. She has just pulled out from appearing opposite him in Don 3. She’s just finished filming with The Rock on the new Baywatch movie as is pretty much in demand right now in the states, so reports indicate. Thanks for your time for doing this. 🙂

  6. Hi Marjorie,
    Know a lot now about the effect/s of the Pluto/Uranus Squares of recent years and current Saturn/Neptune Square,
    what’s the next major Aspect/Conjunction/Event/Square that we should mark in our Calendars?
    All the best and thank you of you answer,

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