Forward influences

The neurotic Saturn Neptune square wanes after September and will be gone by this December. The disruptive, rebellious Uranus square Pluto has no more exact aspects, but is still in orb till mid 2017. Then it rapidly pulls away.

2017 – has the ‘constructive change’ Uranus trine Saturn in Sagittarius which picks up from this December and repeats twice more before Nov 2017. Plus a more upbeat Jupiter in Libra square Pluto and opposition Uranus.

2018  –  Saturn moves into Capricorn (actually from Dec 2017) which can suggest tough conditions, though Uranus moving into Taurus in the May forms an earthy and positive trine to Saturn. Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune which will be mild.

2019 – tr Saturn is in orb of a conjunction to Pluto, though doesn’t hit exact until 2020. This one is a slog bringing deprivation, hardship, war. There’s also the more minor, financial and high-hopes, bubble-bursting Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune; and Saturn sextile Neptune.

2020 – The Saturn Pluto conjunction comes exact in January and stays in orb all year. What will help is Jupiter (from Dec 2019) moving through Capricorn and conjunct Pluto and Saturn which will take the edge off the discouragement. Jupiter will trine Uranus as well. Saturn moves into Aquarius.

2021 – Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Aries square Uranus. Jupiter Saturn is idealistic, especially in Aquarius; though Saturn square Uranus is associated with economic dips and tension.

The cycles keep rolling round but it looks like a marginally (cross fingers) easier two years ahead before Saturn Pluto picks up.

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