Theresa May – making them walk their talk

There’s a ‘you-broke-it, you-own-it,’ feel to Theresa May’s new cabinet as she lands the pro-Brexiteers with the task of handling the complex and fraught negotiations with the EU and self-starting trade elsewhere. David Davis, Brexit; Liam Fox, international trade; Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary. The major great departments of state go to Remainers – Philip Hammond, the Exchequer; Amber Rudd, Home Secretary; Fallon stays in Defence.

It’s a ‘put your money where your mouth is and deliver on your promises’ strategy which could backfire on her if it goes toes up. And also brings into her tent, personalities with whom she has seriously negative issues.

David Davis, 23 Dec 1948,  a Capricorn Sun opposition Uranus, is looking seriously jangled over the next few months into 2017 as tr Pluto square his Neptune and tr Uranus squares his Mars in Capricorn; and he picks up the tr Pluto conjunction Mars in 2018/19 which is trapped, frustrated, enraged.    His relationship chart with May has a hostile, power struggling composite Mars opposition Pluto square Sun Mercury. 2016/17 look times of high tension, upheaval and disruption between them.

Liam Fox, 22 Sept 1961, is a Virgo Sun trine Saturn Jupiter in Capricorn; with Mars Mercury in Libra square Saturn Jupiter and sextile Uranus – so argumentative and volatile. His Mars Mercury and Saturn all get tr Uranus hard aspects till early 2018, so insecure, argumentative, prone to hasty judgements. His relationship chart with May has an impatient and unkind Mars Saturn square the composite Sun and trine Venus Pluto – so stuck together and resenting it, superficial smarm masks dislike and significantly divergent opinions. It’ll get noisy.

May’s relationship with Boris is no better with a wobbly and bad-tempered composite Saturn opposition Jupiter square Mars and a needs-space composite Sun Uranus. Relations between them will be massively challenged over the time ahead with tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off all ends of that T square for some years to come.

Philip Hammond, the new Chancellor, 4 Dec 1955, known as a steady pair of hands, is a Sun Sagittarius trine Uranus, with Pluto Jupiter sextile Mars Neptune and square Saturn in Scorpio. He’s more of a free-marketeer than she is, reflected in their relationship chart by a composite Sun square Uranus; but there’s also a confident Jupiter trine Mars, sextile Mercury which will help to smooth rough edges.   He’s got tr Saturn conjunct his Sun again this Oct, and tr Neptune square his Sun till late 2017, so a not entirely confident early run. He does have an upbeat Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars in 2017; but then runs seriously into the buffers in 2018 with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars and Solar Arc Saturn square his Neptune.  If his chart reflects the economy, it’s not great.

Amber Rudd, 1 Aug 1963, is a charming and vibrant Sun Venus in Leo sextile Mars; with a serious Mercury opposition Saturn in Aquarius.    Her relationship with May is quite controlling with a composite Sun Pluto but that is in a Half Grand Sextile with Jupiter opposition Saturn, sextile Neptune, sextile Sun Pluto so could be a reasonably productive duo with some flare-ups in 2017.

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