Theresa May – hiding her uncertainties as she faces into the storm



Theresa May called a General Election early, partly to avoid the prospect of facing a 2020 election when the economy will be suffering through a cold turkey Brexit withdrawal. And it will also give her more leverage vis a vis a longer transitional phase out of the backdoor; and having to make compromises in the negotiations that the hard-line euro-sceptics would fulminate about.

Her Solar Return Oct 2016 to 17 is lucky, confident, determined, risk-taking with Sun, Moon, Jupiter square Mars and Sun square Pluto. Birthday Oct 2017 to Oct 2018 is a different matter, with the Mars blocked every which way in opposition to Neptune, square Saturn, trine Pluto. Admittedly there is a Fire Grand Trine of Saturn Uranus North Node, formed into a Kite with Uranus opposition Jupiter, making Jupiter the driving planet. She won’t be short of creativity or good fortune but it will be quite an obstacle course. From Oct 2018 her Sun has lost the square to Pluto but picked up the square to downbeat Saturn; with an afflicted ultra-stubborn Mars in Aquarius. From Oct 2020 for a year she has Mars square Saturn Pluto Jupiter which will be a gruelling challenge.

Tr Neptune throughout will be conjunct her natal Mars 2017/2018; square the Mars/Jupiter midpoint and then opposition her natal Jupiter in Virgo in 2019/2020 – which is an extended period of high (perhaps delusional) hopes and major panics. Tr Saturn in Capricorn squares her Sun in May 2018 and early 2019; with a high-tension, confused tr Uranus opposition her Neptune in 2018/19. And a ‘shocking’ Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun around 2019 as well. So I hope that the media suggestions about her health, which have been heavily denied, are just a flyer.

The UK chart has the emotionally intense tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Moon and Solar Arc Mercury at the moment and running till late 2019. [A small part of that may be the soul-bearing of the young Royals since the 10th house Moon is in part connected to the Monarchy.] But feelings will be running high. There will be some upbeat moments this year with tr Pluto trine the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from mid July onwards; and a bullish confidence in 2018/19 from tr Pluto square Sun/Jupiter and opposition Jupiter/MC. And a sigh of relief with tr Uranus square Jupiter in 2018 as well. Plus some Saturnine jolts and blockages as it squares the UK Uranus over the New Year 2017 into 2018, proceeding on to square the Solar Arc Pluto, Ascendant and then conjunct the Capricorn Sun – so there will be some reality checks along the way. And the Solar Arc Moon (= population) opposes the 11th house Saturn (= the legislature) in early 2019 so Westminster may not be too popular then.

Where it starts to get considerably trickier is in six and seven years’ time – 2023/24 – with Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the 8th house Mars and Solar Arc Pluto square the UK Sun – economically stressed and generally blocked in. That’s in the middle of  tr Uranus through the 8th house of joint finances from 2019 to 2026, as Uranus hard aspects the Fixed Grand Cross in the UK chart which will see a rolling series of disruptive jolts, forcing a country fairly resistant to change into adapting to new circumstances.

Her Sun is conjunct the UK’s Ascendant so she’ll be key to forging the country’s new identity; and there is an affectionate Sun Venus in an expansive square to Jupiter in the relationship chart, so she’ll be a popular helmsman through the next tricky patch. Though with more aggravation come 2019 when tr Saturn squares the composite Saturn opposition Mars.

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  1. Hello, some good comments on the mess the UK is in……pity there’s no birth time for Theresa May. I’ve never looked at her chart previously but what staggers me is the surprising numbe rof planets at the 29th degree (using those right at the end of the 28th as well). Mercury rising in front of the Sun is her vocational indicator, and at the birth Saturn, Pluto and Neptune were also at the 29th degree. Some astrologers accredit the highest virtues to the 29th degree (i.e. it is spiritual in effect, or a high degree of competency). The Saturn is also conjunct the North Node, so that Mercury here is particularly powerful. Her chart reveals not a lot of physical stamina but plenty of flexibility and determination. At the moment her progressed Moon is coming to conjunct Saturn/Node, so it indeeds looks heavy as Marjorie says. The Neptune passing over Mars (the focal point opposing the rest of the chart) makes her seem shaky and emotional, but even with the odd connections to the heavy, outer planets, she may still ride this out. Its unlikely, not impossible, because of the very odd emphasis of the 29th degree so repeatedly. I have seen this often in people’s charts who offer their services in an evangelical sense, in the hope of improving things, with sincerity which sometimes wins out. Will the progressed Moon moving towards Saturn/Node be the end, or some shoring up from some unexpected happening? Nice to read others’ takes on it anyway. Thanks Marjorie.

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