UK Labour Party – getting worse before it gets better



There are two Labour Party charts, 27 Feb 1900 and 12 Feb 1906.

The 1900 chart looks devastated and in complete meltdown in 2017/18 with tr Neptune square the Pluto; tr Saturn opposing Neptune in 2017; and, if anything, 2018 is worse with Solar Arc Sun opposition Saturn and Solar Arc Mars conjunct Neptune.

The 1906 chart has a couple of ups this year, though not around the election – and a dreary slog in 2018 to 2020. With much more cheer and confidence come 2022 when tr Pluto trines Jupiter.

Tom Watson, the Labour Deputy leader, looks at his wits end this year with tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun and square his Mars till late year and completely stumped. Where he bucks up is from 2020 onwards.

John McDonnell, the far-left Shadow Chancellor and wannabe-Corbyn-replacement, also looks poleaxed this year with tr Pluto square his Neptune over the election and square his Solar Arc Mars, so stockaded and sinking; with an undermining tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun in 2017/18.

Keir Starmer, one of the hopefuls ahead, is ploughing through thick mud in 2018/19 but looking more upbeat from 2020 onwards.

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  1. I think we can associate Neptune with ideology. And, I honestly think that we’ve already been through a complete meltdown of “Communist Manifesto” (around 25′ Aquarius Neptune) 1846 inspired Left, and are looking for something else since Neptune Return to that chart, around 25′ Aquarius.

    We’ve moved to a less “worker” driven ideology to just anything “minority”, with the Green movement that became prominent in Continental Europe starting from 1990’s, and now is in center of what’s often called “Liberal” thinking in Nordic Countries, Canada, Central Europe and also Bernie Sanders gaining support in The US. It may have something to do with Regulus shifting to Virgo, since I see this paradigm shift with many Conservative and traditional Liberal parties, as well.

  2. Thank you, I will have a proper look myself later too. Two charts might be appropriate, as I understand it the 1900 is the party as a whole, the 1906 is more a parliamentary one and recent times have proven what different animals they are. The heart and soul v’s the Westminster machine. I hope to get time tonight to look at their relationship with each other to see if there is anything relevant to be gleaned from it.

    • Dear Marjorie,

      Following on from that, I went through your earlier posts on Labour to see if you had published a composite of the 1900 & 1906 charts, to see how the relationships between the grassroots and the PLP will work out. I faintly remember that you had written on that topic in the past two years, but can’t seem to find a link to that post.

      Could you help by republishing the composite chart as suggested above and if possible, linking to the post about the relationship between the Labour grassroots and the PLP

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