Ed Sheeran – not your average superstar


Ginger, bespectacled and a scruff, Ed Sheeran is an unlikely global superstar. Yet at 26, the English singer songwriter has won 2 Ivor Novello, Grammy and Brit awards; has outsold everyone bar Adele in the past ten years, sold out Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Garden with nothing but a loop pedal and a guitar; and has celebrity friends like Taylor Swift, Elton John and grime MC Stormzy. He was named Worst-Dressed Man in 2013 and still wears jeans and t shirts.

Born 17 Feb 1991 in Halifax, England (no time sadly), with arty/design parents, he started singing in the church choir at 4, played the guitar early and started gigging constantly just out of school, racking up 300 in his first year, all low-paid, but a solid grounding and a testament to his determination. That plus his social media skills – and talent – has got him a solid fan base.

He’s a Sun and Mercury in Aquarius square Pluto. His Venus in musical Pisces is trine Pluto, with Neptune (Uranus) widely sextile in between. His Aquarius planets will draw him towards social media. His Saturn opposes Jupiter in Leo, so he wants to be flamboyant despite his crumpled turnout and hates failure. That opposition is trine/sextile Mars in Gemini giving him discipline and the confidence to take risks. His Jupiter is also opposition his Sun/Uranus and Sun/Neptune midpoints, so confidence plus tinged-with-genius Uranus Neptune.

It’s a chart that really needs a birth time to give it context. He looks to be in a good year with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint and tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Uranus. He may slow down slightly in 2018 with his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Sun.

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