Kim Yo Jong – life in a gilded gulag

Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean Dear Leader’s younger sister, is reportedly taking a politically active role in his administration, and organising social events to promote his image. Birth date is given as 26 Sept 1987, though as with all things NK may not be accurate.

If it is, she’s a Sun Venus in Libra; with Mars in Virgo square Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius which in turn trine Jupiter in Aries, so she’ll be sociable, charming and tough enough to stand the rigours of a precarious existence in the inner circle. She is deemed to be a replacement for her aunt, whom rumour has it was killed after her husband was executed for treason, or has died in ill health.

If this chart is accurate then, 2018 won’t be a reassuring year with tr Neptune in an uncertain square to her Saturn; and tr Pluto in a trapped, scary, frustrating trine to her Mars, running through 2019 as well, which would fit with his Term chart being in major trouble then. She appears more important than his wife, whose dates are not known.

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