Aaron Hernandez – talented body, demons in his head


The death in prison by apparent suicide of Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL player, has laid bare the contradictions of a life sparkling with sporting talent, worth $41 million to the New England Patriots, which was wrecked by a trail of shootings, murders and drugs.

Born 6 November 1989 in Connecticut, he played football at school and college, was involved in a bar fight and drive-by shooting before he was 20; was investigated for three more murders in his early 20s, including the murder of a friend for which he was convicted. Observers talk of his ‘dead eyes’, lack of remorse, narcissism, of ‘something missing’ inside him.

He had some chart – with an intense Sun Pluto Mercury in Scorpio and a vengeful Mars in Scorpio as well. The triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn Neptune in Capricorn plus Venus opposed Jupiter in Cancer, so along with the chaos went luck; and confidence with Jupiter trine Sun Pluto Mercury. His Aquarius Moon probably squared his Sun Pluto and was his only Air sign, and he had no Fire signs. A life of doing and feeling, with little in the way of detachment or faith in life, despite the opportunities he’d been given.

There’s nothing too specific going on in his chart now (without a birth time) – though it’s perhaps significant that his Solar Arc Pluto is exactly conjunct his Sun/Saturn, Sun/Neptune, Saturn/Pluto and Neptune/Pluto midpoints, which are all at 12 Sagittarius. And that is a huge amount of mental turmoil and depression, which tr Neptune is just over the square to.

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  1. I find his chart really fascinating so much drive and ambition and deep seated notions of revenge. Then the Aquarius moon gave him the emotional detachment necessary to commit such cold and vengeful acts. His mother represented by his moon also was involved in criminal activity and affairs in his childhood, and people have noted his cold feeling towards her, one of the only NFL stars who did not buy his mother a house.

  2. Apparently, he was also bisexual and the murder was motivated by the fear of being outed. Still doesn’t mean he wasn’t a sociopath, but could, at least partially, explain the detachment. Being gay is something you’d have to learn how to hide in a deeply homophobic environment football is.

  3. In his triwheel at death I noticed the following using a noon chart:
    1. Solar Arc suicide asteroid Williams is conj his MH. 2. Trans Orpheus, death sextiles natal Venus, neck indicator, on the 12th cusp of prisons.
    3. Solar Arc Saturn-Neptune, illness indicator is conj his IC of endings. 4. The 2nd House, neck house, contains a huge stellium, including SA Sun-Pluto, which sextiles his 4th cusp of endings.

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