Caitlyn & Kris Jenner – those who live by the sword ……



Publicity – good, bad and indifferent – is all grist to the Kardashian mill. So how much of the outrage being voiced about Caitlyn Jenner’s about-to-be published ‘sensational’ memoir The Secrets of My Life, is being hyped for the cameras and how much is genuine personal hurt it’s tricky to say. Do the Kardashians have a private life? They confide their innermost secrets to an audience of 1.5 million.

Caitlyn Jenner, 28 Oct 1949 6.16 am Mount Kisco, NY, has now undergone full sex reassignment surgery and wants to spill the beans about the 22 year long marriage to Kris, which she (Kris) says (on camera) is the final straw.

Both Caitlyn and Kris are Sun Scorpios with Pluto in the 10th so the marriage would always have been a fight for control. Their relationship chart, though blessed with a lucky composite Sun Jupiter, has a composite Moon opposition Saturn Neptune Mercury square Uranus – so cool, confused, needing space, erratic. That chart is being upended at the moment with tr Pluto opposition Uranus, then moving back later in the year to square the composite Saturn into 2018, and Neptune Mercury in future years, so it won’t be reconciling anytime soon.

Kris, 5 Nov 1955 6.42am San Diego, CA, does have tr Uranus square her Cancer Moon and opposition her Mercury over publication so she will be upset. Like Kim Kardashian she now has tr Saturn moving through her 1st quadrant, so may be rethinking her life and wanting to move back from too much exposure.

Kylie and Kendell, the two biological daughters of Bruce (Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner, never had an easy relationship with their erstwhile father and their connection is undergoing major ruptures and outbursts over the next two or three years; with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and tr Neptune square the composite Saturn up to 2020 for Kendall; and tr Pluto square Saturn, tr Uranus opposition Mars and Neptune in 2018/19 for Kylie.

The three step children look no happier with Caitlyn. Kim is especially outraged with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and tr Neptune opposition Uranus in 2017/18; with more strains thereafter. Ditto Kourtney, who has a long stretch of disappointment with Caitlyn courtesy of Neptune.

Caitlyn is looking cheerful at the moment with tr Uranus square her 3rd house Jupiter – so plenty of chances to chatter on talk shows; with tr Jupiter moving across her Ascendant in a few months.

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