The Vaccine Wars – victory in sight

The leading vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies – Novavax and AstroZeneca – look revved up and raring to go from this New Year or just after.

  Novavax, the US company, was founded 18 June 1987, with a Gemini Sun opposition an innovative Uranus; a go-ahead Jupiter in Aries in a risk-taking and opportunistic square to Mars Mercury in Cancer; with a Yod of a super-ambitious Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Venus.  Tr Pluto will square its Jupiter from late this December, repeating throughout 2021; and tr Pluto will trine the Sun/Jupiter midpoint from late January 2021, on and off for two years. So very much a confident, successful, full-steam-ahead phase.

 AstroZeneca, British-Swedish, 6 April 1999, has an upbeat Sun Jupiter in Aries sextile inventive Uranus. With a ruthlessly determined Mars in Scorpio opposition Saturn square Neptune. Their chart hints at a setback or two before the end of the year but is then on full-flood from late February 2021 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Mars/Jupiter midpoint, on and off for two years – which is the classic marker for kick starting successful new projects.

  Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline have less showing on their charts. Though dates can be a moveable feast with pharmaceuticals since they tend to merge and sell on constantly.

6 thoughts on “The Vaccine Wars – victory in sight

  1. Very interesting article, thank you Marjorie.
    And what about Gilead, whose antiviral drug Remdesivir has been formally approved by the FDA?

    • Yeah, I read that too. She said we would live with it but with progressions in medicine that will make it less dangerous when we get it, like we do with AIDS now, which is no longer a death sentence for the individual.

  2. Much obliged Marjorie.

    This seems to match what you stated as an upbeat second half of 2021 in an earlier U.S reading. I suspected it may have been vaccine related so many thanks for this.

    Blue skies and green lights on the Covid front by latest 2022 hopefully. The Scandinavian countries along with the Asian region and NZ down under should be good markers for which vaccine/s are deemed safe(wiser leaders!).

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