Chloe’s hot felon – the rich at play with rough trade



As the world sinks into chaos, there’s always celebrity trash and the obscenely wealthy ready and willing to grab the limelight. If disgraced billionaire’s daughter Chloe Green was cavorting with ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks on daddy’s yacht on the Med strictly for the cameras and a publicity stunt, she was making a credible job of looking besotted.

And it could even be a genuine coup de foudre since their relationship chart has a composite romantic Sun Venus in a fiery opposition to Mars. Though the Solar Eclipse bouncing off both ends of that may lead to a crisis or two.

She, 2 March 1991, is a Sun Pisces square Mars in Gemini which does rather collide with his Uranus, 7 Feb 1984 – though Uranian relationships can be very sparky, for a short while. Her highly strung Uranus Neptune are conjunct his socially ambitious Venus in Capricorn – so she’ll prove an elusive catch. Her Venus and his Moon do chime, being both in impulsive Aries.

Meeks is married with an LA wife who stood by him in prison, three kids and an eye-popping rap sheet of past offences. Despite which – or because of it – he’s now embarking on a lucrative, high profile career as a male model.

What is intriguing is that Meeks has a fearsome collection of Pluto Mars Saturn in Scorpio, the latter two squaring his Aquarius Sun. And Chloe’s father Philip Green – a former businessman in fashion retail, much criticized for tax avoidance, workers’ rights and abandoning his final business with heavy pension losses which he was forced to repay, for which sin he may lose his knighthood – also has Mars, maybe Moon in Scorpio, with Mars square Pluto. Green also has Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries – so he may have a twinge of fellow feeling for his daughter’s lowlife holiday fling. And she’ll certainly recognise the similarity.

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  1. Meeks is not just ‘a good looking bloke’. With his quite etraordinary plus unusual good looks he does seem like a born male model and who knows perhaps even an action movie star. There are already rumours that Hollywood is very interested. There have already been several known actors with very dangerous & seedy pasts.As to a girl like Chloe,who can be surprised that she’s rather smitten as young girls usually go for looks. And young girls don’t normally think of a guys wife and kids unless they’re pretty unusual themselves. Guess she’ll have her heart broken by Meeks when he’s onto someone more useful.

    • He’s a good looking bloke but that’s it. I wondered how long it would be before he cheated and he beat even my low expectations. He did it in a matter of weeks. He clearly lacks integrity/sensitivity for his wife and children. Soon as a good thing came by he kicked them to the curb and made sure he was photographed having a damn fine time. I bet he’s also the sort who would give his wife a hard time if she had the audacity to move on with her life with another man. These player types always do. It’s amazing how ugly somebody can become once their character is exposed and that includes the beautiful faces in this world. Also, I’d say he’s already showing his OTT strutting male traits that got him into trouble in the past and he’s probably already heading for a massive fall. No doubt he will grovel around his missus to take him back. And she probably will, silly woman. For some peculiar reason, women LOVE a bad guy like this. Personally, I think they’re scum.

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