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  1. Good afternoon Marjorie,
    I note in today’s paper that today would have been the 178th Birthday of John D. Rockefeller born July 8 1939 at 23.55p.m.,
    at Richford, New York.
    JDR a Baptist, unscrupulous, was the richest man in history and his wealth in today’s dollars
    have been conservatively priced at circa., $375 Billion.
    Would there be any signatures in his Chart which explains how he amassed/became so rich?
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and month.

  2. Marjorie, do you have any info from the previous site regarding the Game of Thrones success and it’s author, George RR Martin? I ask because Season 7 will air in the US on Sunday July 16 and in the UK on Monday July 17. So excited!!

    • Also, I’ve noticed a number of authors with mass international appeal seem to be virgo’s, i.e: Stephen King, Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, George RR Martin, John Green, Paulo Coelho, etc. Even Leo JK Rowling, if I recall, has 5 of her 10 planets in virgo. What is the writing signature of a writer in a chart and why would virgo’s be drawn to the profession?

  3. Hi Marjorie, is it possible to have a look at Charlie Gard’s chart? I often wonder when the precarious situation he and his parents are in is a catalyst for future medical breakthroughs for the rare genetic condition he is suffering from. Obviously, that is looking at it from a positive slant and no doubt the 0.001% of the outcome but, stranger things have happened.

  4. Tara: About $6 for two quarter-pound patties (they come in twos). A bit pricey perhaps, but not terribly so. Assume the price will decrease once (and if) consumption becomes widespread.

  5. Marjorie: Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular/mainstream. At the vanguard of this trend is a product called Beyond Meat, a company that produces vegan alternatives to beef and chicken. Bill Gates, a vegan, is one of many high-profile investors backing Beyond Meat, citing his concerns re the environment (the raising of livestock contributes hugely to global pollution) and of course animal welfare/factory farms. A longtime vegetarian, I’ve always found the standard meat substitutes disappointing, to say the least. When I saw a display showcasing Beyond Meat burgers at my local Whole Foods the other day, I decided to give it a try. The product has been getting lots of attention here in the U.S.–heralded as a major breakthrough in meat substitutes. I was blown away–tastes and chews like the real thing. DELICIOUS. Will definitely be a fixture on my shopping list. Is there any way astrology can shed some light on this trend? Beyond Meat was founded in 2009 by CEO Ethan Brown. I realize this is terribly general–don’t have specific dates, times, etc. But thought I’d ask anyway….

    • Jaimie, Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You do occasionally with natural not induced births get a connection between the baby’s ascendant and the parents’ charts – maybe to Moon or Sun which will create a stronger bond. But sometimes families have wildly different charts and consequently difficult relationships. Either chalk and cheese so really don’t understand where the other is coming from; or clashing. It depends on the family dynamic.

    • It can follow similar patterns too, I guess. I have 4 siblings, all of them are sun Libra except me. However, my sun is in the 7th house. My mother had that late 1940’s Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo, and even though she died several years before my first child was born, there was a grand fire trine of Mars/Saturn/Pluto in almost the same degrees.

      My youngest was born with the moon conjunct mine almost to the minute, 21’49 and 21’46

      I also have Jupiter conjunct my first child’s ascendant, so it really bothered me when my second child was born with my Saturn on their ascendant. Then an astrologer friend then pointed out that Saturn/Ascendant contacts are common with parent/child relationships, which makes sense. As time has gone on, it’s apparent that they are really chalk and cheese personalities and they need different things from me; the older one is very shy and needs encouragement, the younger definitely not shy, somewhat fearless and needs watching! 🙂

  6. India and China conflicting right now over a border dispute involving Bhutan. Some very heated fighting words being tossed around.

    Do you think a was rests on the cards Marjorie?


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