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Kim Jong Un has thumbed his nose at the USA, China and the rest of the world by firing what he said was an intercontinental ballistic missile which landed in the Sea of Japan. North Korea, his officials proclaimed, was now “a full-fledged nuclear power that has been possessed of the most powerful inter-continental ballistic rocket capable of hitting any part of the world”. Though experts doubt whether NK has the capability or technology to back his wild (Trumpian) assertions.

But for all he’s testing patience in several directions which will bring consequences. The NK/USA relationship chart does have the composite Mars in conjunction with the August Solar Eclipse which can only inflame relations; with high tensions this Sept/Oct when tr Uranus retrogrades to trine the Mars. China looks exasperated and is distancing itself through the rest of this year.

Kim Jong Un’s leadership chart, 29 Dec 2011 11.57am Pyonggang, is moving towards its most precious phase with the Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun, exact in six months time, followed by a square to the Pluto a few weeks after. The August Eclipse will oppose the leadership Neptune leading to delusions and self-deception; and the trapped/cornered tr Pluto trines the Leadership Mars come January 2018.

The North Korea 9 Sept 1948 5.27pm chart, is being jolted into heightened anticipation at the moment with tr Uranus trine the Saturn; plus a false-happiness/delusionary Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter which generally leads to a sharp fall. It looks thoroughly demoralised in 2018 with tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun (difficult to see how it could get worse); and really knocked sideways with a risky and explosive tr Uranus opposition Mars in 2019.

South Korea has been on extreme tenterhooks over the past year with a fearful, trapped tr Pluto square Mars. That returns from next week, July 16th to early September, and again late October to early December. Their Saturn Mercury in late Leo and the composite Saturn Sun with North Korea will catch this August’s Eclipse head on; with this November and next February looking on a knife edge with their northern neighbour. South Korea – 15 Aug 1948 12pm Seoul.

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  1. I didn’t know what time to use for North Korean 9/9/48 chart, so I used 12am. A progressed composite with NK and USA Sibley chart, shows MC ( 24.49) conjunct Algol (24.15 Taurus). It appears that Algol has been transiting the composite MC (same degree) the past 6 months or so.

  2. Another question: Drompf announced thru the UN meeting today that military action is coming. What happens if Putin/Xi work together using a blockade against US/Allied forces? Sino-Soviet forces are more numerous than those of the US in that region. far from home, in another’s baseball field. Dare Trump to risk having ships sunk…along with his presidency?

    The enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend.

    • Just keep praying that Mattis has a firm grip on the GO button. And wouldn’t do anything too harebrained – or Trumpian.

  3. Alex,
    No hard evidence as you want it can be found because NK doesn’t allow IAEA inspectors. Lucky for Iran that they can set up camp in NK and get stuck in. Obama was well intentioned but outplayed by Iran here. Calling NK a target for MI complex, dark agenda whatever etc is conspiracy theory stuff that I’m not interested in going into. NK is not a target but a problem that needs attention due to their behaviour creating an existential threat. Same goes for Iran. The ME was a mess before the West got dragged in. Who’s stoking the war in Yemen for example? Iran. Fair enough to criticise US, UK etc for their faults, how about not giving China, Russia, Iran and NK a free pass for theirs? I’m done with this for now, I could post more links but I have work to do and Alex, your responses so far have been frustratingly reactionary and simplistic. Try reading and research instead of acting like someone is trying to peel your skin off because they think differently about something.

  4. Hi Marjorie I only said that Iran doesn’t have nuclear technology and invited hard evidence to the contrary. I also contended that the main belligerents in the ME, and probably the world, are the west and Israel.

    • Hi, Sure, but useful since it made me go off and read stuff I hadn’t absorbed before. From a speedy flick through it does sound as if some people think Iran merely their nuclear testing by shifting technicians and technology over to NK.

      • Interesting theory. It certainly plays into the hands of the neo cons, military industrials and zionists who are itching to get something started with Iran. Perhaps NK is their target for now? Like you I’m sure I’m very wary about what I read in the MSM, often sock puppets serving some darker agenda in the background.

    • You “invited hard evidence to the contrary”? Anyone with hard evidence would never post it on the internet. Go back to Starlight, Alex.

      • There is no hard evidence is the point, because it’s a myth that they have nuclear capabilities. Not rocket science, pardon the pun. I’ve no idea what the Starlight reference refers to.

  5. Hi Gemma, the question mark in the Heading says it all. If any hard evidence existed of a nuclear programme in Iran there would have been hell to pay. The same Obama referenced in this article signed a massive deal with Iran to PREVENT the creation of nuclear weapons. USA, U.K. Israel and KSA are the war mongers in the region without doubt. And sponsor ISIS into the bargain!!

  6. my comment was simply a response to ill informed, imo, comments and highlighting the hypocrisy of pots calling kettles black. Much happier chatting astrology as a rule

  7. Is there one shred of evidence that Iran has nuclear technology and that it has been shared with N Korea? the mass destruction and death in the Mid East and elsewhere in recent years has been caused mainly by nuclear armed USA, U.K. Israel. Those illegal wars propagated by war criminals like Blair and his cretinous mate Dubya Bush. N Korea is a basket case but they haven’t been responsible for wholesale genocide and destruction, unlike us.

  8. A pat on the back to Russia and China for mid-wifing this mess. Iran’s the daddy due to sharing their weapons/nuclear technology.

  9. Some say the missile peaked at 2500km altitude, with a probably 2nd stage. Even armed with a high explosive, the missile would be terrifying at impact. Reminiscent of the V-1 and V-2 vengence weapons. The Germans eventually got it right…so will NKorea.

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