Nicola Sturgeon – losing traction



Nicola Sturgeon is feeling the downward drag of tr Saturn through her first quadrant, which was always going to make a continuing roll of success tricky. And she’s lost the bounce of tr Jupiter through her 10th and 11th houses which kept the last two years optimistic. Even tr Uranus opposition her 12th house Jupiter didn’t give her the lucky break she was hoping for over the recent disappointing (for SNP) UK election.

A second Scottish Independence Referendum has been put onto the back burner for now and attention has been turned with increasing criticism onto the SNP’s track record in government. Literacy and numeracy have fallen sharply in what used to be a world-renowned education system; the NHS is missing its targets; a troubled IT scheme has delayed payments to farmers for the second year in a row; and a respected think tank has warned Scotland could tip into recession any day. One commentator remarked: “The wages of Scotland’s ten-year romance with the politics of identity are all around. For a nationalist party, the SNP is remarkably unambitious for the country it professes to love.”

Her Term chart, 12 May 2016 9.35am Edinburgh, always did indicate a troubled run with an over hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter squaring onto a setback-attracting Mars Saturn. Tr Saturn was exactly square the MC over the June 2017 election. And that chart will limp along, undermined by Neptune transits till late 2018.

Her own chart, 19 July 1970 3.16pm Irvine, Scotland, has tr Saturn square the 11th house Pluto putting a block on future plans, on and off till mid November; with a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus opposition Saturn, exact in 4 months time; plus tr Uranus zig zagging in square to her Cancer Sun and opposition her Jupiter till early 2018. She will get a lift from tr Jupiter across her Ascendant from mid November; but her Progressed Moon through her 12th (a la Trump) for another 14 months will make her feel isolated. 2018/19 look like a dreary slog with tr Pluto trine her Saturn; and an insecure tr Uranus square her Mars in 2018; and then square Mercury Moon in 2019, which will bring irritations and shake her confidence.

The two SNP charts – 14 Dec 1933 and 7 April 1934 – look a mix of acute frustration and rage alongside a bullish determination to remain confident, at least till late 2018. But will suffer badly from tr Saturn in Capricorn hard aspects in 2019; and may lose their drive. They were buoyed up by the rebellious, revolutionary tr Uranus square tr Pluto but that is waning fast.

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