The Flying Kangaroo caught on the hop

Qantas, Australia’s national airline carrier, is stumbling through a series of reputation-damaging scandals including selling tickets for cancelled flight which could incur fines running to hundreds of millions of dollars. The CEO since 2008, Allan Joyce has brought his retirement forward and bowed out.

 Qantas was founded 16 November 1920 with a robust Scorpio Sun Mercury on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn (Jupiter) in Virgo; with an innovative Pluto trine Uranus trine Scorpio North Node.

  Tr Uranus is now exactly opposition the Qantas Sun Mercury running off and on into 2024 for forced change; with tr Neptune in an undermining square to the popularity/financial Venus now and into next year. The Solar Arc Mars is moving to conjunct the South Node in 2024 which will produce vehement, probably unproductive arguments. Along with SA Saturn opposition Pluto which suggests hard times. Tr Uranus moving to square the Uranus by 2025 will continue the roller coaster run of radical alterations in direction and running.

Allan Joyce, one of Australia’s most prominent business executives, had been praised by investors for overhauling the airline’s balance sheet, reducing costs and saving the airline from collapse during the pandemic. But has recently attracted criticism for damaging the airline’s reputation for excellent customer service. ‘The term “Joyced” entered the Australian lexicon last year to describe being left stranded at an airport.’

  What is interesting about him, 20 June 1966, is he is a Sun Jupiter in Cancer which is conjunct the Qantas Pluto – a ‘Miracle Grow’ connection on steroids. Their relationship chart has that super-whammy Jupiter Pluto conjunction tine Mars and trine Uranus. In his time he was the perfect choice and had hoped to bow out on a high after the “Flying Kangaroo” reported a record annual profit last month. But he does have Neptune conjunct his South Node in Scorpio which sits close to the Qantas Sun so maybe it was never going to end well.

In itself not an earth-shattering event – but the astrology fits.

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  1. Marjorie, I left a comment a few days ago which got lost.
    QANTAS was founded in Winton, Queensland, Australia (143e02, 22s23) on 16th November, 1920 not Sydney.
    This changes the Ascendant.
    QANTAS stands for Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services.
    Formal papers were signed at the Gresham Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland on 16th November, 1920.
    Operations were moved to Longreach, Queensland in 1921.
    Raising capital by operating joy flights and air taxi services, QANTAS won the government contract for the Charleville to Cloncurry mail service and began scheduled flights in 1922.
    The Flying Kangaroo emblem comes from QANTAS’ first flights from Australia to England which had multiple “hopping” stops en route & it was known as the “kangaroo route”.
    It is now based in Sydney.
    Many thanks for correcting the information.

    • There is no start time so 12 noon is used. It doesn’t make any difference what the AU location was since no birth time and thus no idea of Ascendant.

  2. Does anyone remember Rainman? The film with Dustin Hoffman playing the older autistic brother of Tom Cruise.

    Anyway TC kidnaps his brother in an attempt to get what he considers his rightful inheritance. Only he has problems with Raymond who won’t fly on any airline but QANTAS.

  3. Quantas has never had an airplane crash and neither have Air New Zealand and Hawaiian Air. Is there anything that shows up that makes them inherently safer?

  4. Allan Joyce did not save Qantas during the pandemic, the Australian people did when the government of the day gave them $2.6 billion. Allan Joyce will take a massive payout and leave a company he gutted. He walks away much richer than he did when he walked in. Qantas is no longer the quality airline it was. We have Allan Joyce to thank for that. When the company no longer has dividends because of the massive fines they will have to pay, will shareholders rejoice then? One of the worst CEOs there was, not a fan, glad he is going just outraged he got a golden handshake like he did.

  5. Thanks so much Marjorie for the write up on Qantas and Allan Joyce. I still see more to come from this and do believe Qantas will not come out unscathed as it appears they have questions to answer and some.
    As you said ” not an earth shattering event but the astrology fits”
    Thanks again

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