Texas – the lone star state in suspension

Texas has been declared a major disaster area after a brutal winter storm that left more than 50 dead and millions without power or clean drinking water across the South. The power companies in Texas’s deregulated electrical grid are under intense scrutiny over whether they neglected infrastructural upgrades and weather safeguards in the midst of a blame game over who is responsible for the billions of dollars in damages from what some expected would become the “largest insurance claim event in [Texas] history,” estimated at exceeding the $19 billion in claims from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

  The most recent Lunar Eclipse of 30 November 2020 located to Texas had Saturn on the IC conjunct Jupiter Pluto with Pluto square Mars – so was descriptive of freezing homes, deprivation and a mega-event. The first exact tr Saturn square tr Uranus which occurred last Wednesday was on the exact degree of the Uranus on the Lunar Eclipse chart. Often Eclipses trigger events when the planets return to their Eclipse position as in this case it did with Uranus boosted and/or jolted by Saturn.

 The Texas Independence 2 March 1836 and joining the Union 29 December 1845 charts both have highly uncertain Saturn Neptune contacts on Solar Arcs as well as tr Neptune hard-aspecting respective catastrophe-prone midpoints. Both show a bounce-back in enthusiasm and confidence from the end of this month.

  Senator Ted Cruz, 22 December 1970 birth time unverified, who infamously skipped off to the balmy shores of Cancun in Mexico in a family escape vacation and had to hastily return does look rattled in a minor way from late this month with a further disaster or two from mid year onwards. But he’s into a bullishly super-confident push in 2022/23 in his usual tone-deaf fashion. Water off a duck’s back.

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  1. Marjorie, the chart you have here for the Nov. 30th eclipse (first one above) says Houston, Missouri, rather than Houston, Texas. Relocating that chart to Houston, Texas, moves the IC to 27 Capricorn, which has Jupiter and Saturn moving into an even tighter conjunction with the IC.

  2. Greetings from San Antonio. It’s been a horrible week for all here in Texas. When this all happened Transiting Mercury Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius including Sun. Mercury retrograde turns direct today. Hoping things will get better. Some people still don’t have water nor power.

    Marjorie. Love reading the astrological comments from all.
    Cecilia from San Antonio

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