Post-Brexit UK – failed by abysmal politicos + Carrie

The revolving door of Boris Johnson’s government is spinning with increasing velocity as political advisers are fired or resign in a huff with leaks, tales of back stabbing, murmurs that Carrie Symonds is running the show – ferrets fighting in a sack. Michael Gove is sidelined and the unelected David Frost steps up, unbelievably, into the Cabinet from March 1 described as “an extraordinary breach of the constitutional principle that a government adviser should not have a seat in legislature.” Having negotiated a bad Brexit deal which is coming apart at the seams with businesses grinding to a halt, Frost is being sent in to hard-ball the EU into compliance – and we all saw how well that worked the last time. As a commentator remarked we don’t need a ‘nightclub bouncer, we need a diplomat.’

  Mediation, moderation and tact are not concepts that sit comfortably with Boris’s whirling dervish mentality. Having just got rid of (or been forced to) the divisive Dominic Cummings, he’s imported Frost, a banter buddy since 2016 who discovered (according to Nick Cohen in the Observer) how to turn an anodyne career into a sizzler by homing in on Brexit (and Boris) as a good wheeze for gaining prominence. He has moved at speed from a dull, middle-ranking civil servant, to special adviser, into the House of Lords and now into the Cabinet.

  What is bizarre and a psychological if not psychiatric mystery is why Boris attracts himself to working bro-romances with types who exacerbate his worst traits and are guaranteed to aggravate – it’s positively masochistic. Cummings has a focal point Mars in Pisces square Saturn opposition Sun Neptune which collides with Boris’s Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini. Frost is no better with his Sun Saturn in Pisces squaring Boris’s Mars; and Frost’s Mars in Virgo squaring Boris’s Sun for an argumentative interface. Frost does admittedly share Boris’s head-in the-clouds Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune, which is associated also with scandals caused by poor judgement; and in Frost’s case is magnified squaring onto Venus in Aquarius, which makes him exceptionally inflexible (Fixed T Square), disliking compromise and arousing resentment because of obstinacy.

   And all three were guaranteed to light a touch paper to the EU’s short fuse with the EU Mars in early Sagittarius being triggered.

   Frost’s Cabinet job chart from March 1 has (assuming midnight start) has a 7th house Mars in Taurus conjunct Algol and trine a 3rd house ultra-stubborn Pluto – which doesn’t suggest any give in negotiating, quite the opposite. He’d bring a wrecking ball to a banquet. There’s also an inconsistent Saturn square Uranus – not practising what he preaches.

 The Boris Government chart, 13 December 2019 11am, has the lacklustre, indecisive, not-winning tr Neptune square Sun picking up late March into April, and repeating September/October and early in 2022. This year will not be its finest hour. That chart has a 12th house Saturn, Venus, Pluto conjunction so dirty-dealings behind the arras were always to be expected. If it limps through this year, 2022 will produce several shocking surprises and insecurity from tr Uranus opposition the Mars.

  2022 is also a failure-filled swamp for Frost with tr Neptune opposition his Mars plus plus; and his relationship with Boris runs into a brick-wall then as well.

  Just to keep up the cheerful mood the Opposition who should be streaking ahead in the polls have decided on a vow of omerta over Brexit, lest it upset some Labour voters. One member of Keir Starmer’s frontbench team said that attempts to “brush the problems under the carpet just because we wrongly voted for Johnson’s deal in December is pretty close to negligence”. Another said: “Such radical amnesia may be deemed politically convenient by Starmer, but it represents a shocking abdication of responsibility from the official opposition.”

  Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am London, has a dithery Neptune Mercury in the 10th which is not inspiring; and worse there is a prone-to-setbacks Mars Saturn deeply buried in the 8th which is square Uranus. That accident-prone, anger-provoking and stuck Mars Saturn is moving closer to an exact conjunct by Solar Arc in late 2022 and then the Mars squares Uranus thereafter. It’s not going to be a good run for the Opposition either.

  A plague on all their houses. Pluto in Capricorn needs to get its act together in transforming governmental activities before it exits in 2023/24.  Collapse the old into dust and start again.

See previous post below February 14 2021.  

Add On: Carrie Symonds, 17 March 1988, had an independent political career in the Tory Party before hitching with Boris. What is intriguing is the synastry between them – her Jupiter in his 7th, her Venus in his 8th conjunct his Jupiter – all indulgent and emotionally positive; plus her Pisces new Moon in his 6th house of work. But it’s her overly-excitable, hyper-active triple conjunction in Capricorn conjunct Mars that is intriguing – with her Neptune on his IC, Mars in his 4th and her Uranus conjunct his South Node – which suggests a disruptive domestic influence apart from anything else. But it also points to a relationship that may have felt ‘meant’ but pulls him away from a path of growth and sticks him in old patterns, arguably exacerbating his tendency to create a centrifuge of whirling chaos around him.

  Their relationship chart has a strong thinking element, bound together by ideological conviction with a composite Air Grand Trine. They’re moving towards a panicky eighteen months starting in late May running till early 2023 as tr Neptune is conjunct the composite Mars – either undermining the relationship or their joint work enterprise.

  Her own chart looks a touch confused and devastated this year with her Solar Arc Neptune square her Venus opposition Pluto, with a lift this month, but buffeted around thereafter by jolts and jangles into 2022. Tr Neptune is heading for the conjunction to her Pisces Sun by 2023 but that is at the same time as her Solar Arc is conjunct her Jupiter – so success and failure will run side by side. See previous Simmonds post June 19 2019.

4 thoughts on “Post-Brexit UK – failed by abysmal politicos + Carrie

  1. Tx Marjorie, I can’t help feeling more revelations and disorder is to follow and BJ would be wise to go now for all concerned. As for Labour they need to acknowledge the part they have made in the UK decision making and stop making mistakes. KS needs to step back and think again. Perhaps whilst he is contemplating he can elevate the excellent women in the party to be out front.

  2. I’ve recently been wondering something not dissimilar to LisaV. When I see all the Neptune aspects, is there something Neptunian and positive going on even now, but where its not readily visible? What about the odd miracle performed by the NHS for example?

  3. A great analysis, thanks Marjorie.

    I am struck by how prominent Neptune is in all of this, even for Starmer (albeit a conjunction rather than an opposition or square). Neptune can be idealistic, cast a glamour, or be the sign of an outright liar – whether it be for an individual or an administration. There are plenty of lies around…..lies created the whole Brexit mess, and lies were the reason why the current shitshow Tory administration got into power aided by the influence of a deeply irresponsible media.

    So, what would a good, helpful Neptune look like in the chart of a responsible leadership for the UK? (we can but dream for a better country in the future)

    • With all this Neptune around, it is almost like a Political Romantic era. Which ties in with the complete lack of grasping the danger this country is in. The two main parties are locked in a battle of ideologies, with Boris and Starmer incapable of understanding their role. Starmer’s Leader Chart has the Sun/Moon midpoint in Cancer in the first house. (crab moving sideways all the time) making him feel frustrated, scared to let go and yet feeling swamped by his own failings of not being seen as a leader. It is a metaphor for keeping the shell/lid on his headstrong party who want a war with the Tories. It looks like we still have a few bumpy years left.

      Perhaps a Chart set up for the Palace of Westminster could shed light on the country’s problems? It would be good to see how the rest of the country’s representatives react.

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