Tenet – looks good but not feeling the love

Director Christopher Nolan’s latest extravaganza blockbuster, Tenet, a sci-fi spy epic, on a mission to save cinemas from extinction by virus or streaming competition has had wildly polarised reviews. A love it or hate it movie. Five stars in odd places and two stars in others. ‘A dud – a humourless disappointment –  easy to admire, impossible to love.’ “A concrete cornucopia of global chaos and threat, in which humanity’s survival depends on the minor matter of reshaping time and space.“

Nolan has a billion dollar career behind him with a plethora of awards – most notably for The Dark Knight Trilogy and Dunkirk. This one cost it is reckoned over $200 million and will have to stretch to recoup that in crowd-adverse times.

He was born 30 July 1970 in London (no birth time) and is a dynamic Sun Mars in Leo with a creative and stubborn Neptune in Scorpio opposition a money-minded Saturn in Taurus which is sextile/trine Venus Pluto in Virgo.

He’s looking edgy this year with tr Uranus in an excitable and insecure square to his Sun, Mars repeating at the year end; with a loss-making tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint in September and spring 2021; plus a disappointing tr Neptune opposition his Venus at the moment and again into 2021.

Principal Photography started in various locations in May 2019 when the over hopeful Jupiter square Neptune was in place; as well as the tough Saturn Pluto in Capricorn.

The star John David Washington, born 28 July 1984 in Los Angeles, known for his role in the TV comedy Ballers and for his award-winning performance in BlacKkKlansmen, is the son of actor Denzel Washington.  He is also a Sun Leo, in his case conjunct Moon and Venus also in Leo square a conscientious Saturn in Scorpio. He’s also looking less than ecstatic with tr Uranus opposition his Saturn next month as well as his disaster-prone Mars/Pluto and stuck through late autumn.

The other co-star Robert Pattinson, 13 May 1986 5 am London, of Harry Potter and Twilight fame is a Sun Taurus trine a go-ahead Mars in Capricorn. He has a disappointing tr Neptune square his Venus at the moment and on into 2021.

Not the easiest times for the entertainment business and this hardly sounds like a feel-good attraction.

2 thoughts on “Tenet – looks good but not feeling the love

  1. This is interesting to compare to the very successful series Normal People which started principal photography on 29 May 2019 and was rushed out on 28 April 2020 to great acclaim and popularity though it has rough edges.It was probably helped by the evident chemistry between its stars Daisy Edgar Jones born London 24 May 1998 and PaulMescal born Maynooth Ireland 2 February 1996.

  2. Most interesting thing about this movie for me are locations. Some are well established, but this was also shot in Tallinn, an incredibly cinematic and somehow underused location. I especially appreciate use of Linnahall, a sport facility built for 1980 Summer Olympics (sailing events took place in Pirita), which I recognized from marketing material. This has been kind of an eye sore in a beautifully restored and quickly developing town. But I always have liked it and thought it has enormous potential. So good to notice my “cinematic eye” is working.

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