Nick Faldo – addicted to the walk up the golden staircase


Nick Faldo, the former No 1 pro golfer now a television sports presenter, with a chequered romantic life including three marriages, none of them long-lived, is about to embark on his fourth sprint up the aisle. His bride-to-be Lindsay DeMarco is a former topless dancer, a veteran of the marital stakes with six weddings behind her (one husband twice).

Faldo was born 18 July 1957 3pm Welwyn Garden City, England, and has a much-travelled 9th house Cancer Sun square an elusive Neptune in the 12th – Neptune being surprisingly common amongst sportspersons. His Sun is in a lucky sextile to Jupiter in Virgo in the friendly 11th house. More significantly he has a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars conjunction in his case in Leo which is a recurring theme of Epstein buddies. Not that there’s any suggestion of under-age, more a revved-up interest in pleasure. His Venus is also conjunct Pluto which is seductive. His Pluto conjunct his Midheaven will make him influential though also controlling.

And last but not least his go-getting Aries Moon in the performing 5th is in an unpredictable, emotionally changeable trine to Uranus and Saturn, forming an entrepreneurial and attention-demanding Grand Trine.

His fiancée Lindsay DeMarco may – but to be treated with caution since it was only one net source – be born 31 August 1962. This would make her a controlling and chaotic Sun, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo in a confident opposition to Jupiter. According to one ex-husband she is like Trump – ‘everything revolves around her.’  That should be fun with his Pluto on the Midheaven and Leo planets.

Her Venus in Libra is conjunct his Neptune and square his Sun which will brew up a beautiful smokescreen.  The relationship chart has an adventurous (seemed like a great idea at the time) Uranus trine Jupiter though with the composite Uranus close to the Sun they won’t sit comfortably together in a 24/7 box. Both will need space. There’s a superficially sugary-sweet composite Venus trine Jupiter; and a spark of attraction from composite Venus sextile Mars.

Difficult in this day and age to see what the point of walking up the aisle is. Those who don’t learn from the past and all that …….

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    • The Moon is the only one which moves significantly – approx 12 degrees per day. The others can shift from one degree to the next with differing birth times but aren’t so affected. House cusps and MC/IC/Asc/Desc on the chart axis are the ones most changed by birth times.

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