Brexit – grinding towards a gridlock

The Brexit negotiations are following the standard EU script of doom, disaster, never-going-to-agree. So it’s tempting to see this week’s impasse ‘as the usual diplomatic dancing in the darkness before dawn breaks on a deal’, in the words of Tim Shipman of The Times. Yet the Tory true-believer insiders appear to be sanguine about the prospect of a no-deal, with Michael Gove evidently spending the bulk of his time preparing for just such.

Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, 9 January 1951 4.40 pm La Tronche, France, looks a touch overwrought now through to late September with tr Uranus opposition his Venus/Pluto midpoint; and if birth time is exactly accurate, then has a disappointing/failure tr Neptune conjunct his Midheaven from early October to late January 2021.

But he’s not remotely in as bad a shape as David Frost, the UK negotiator, who has a catastrophic tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint from late August to early October, followed by tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint from early October to late January 2021 which Ebertin with his usual dramatic exaggeration describes as: ‘A fainting fit when overtaxing one’s strength, raving madness, rage, cunning and deceitful.’ Even toning that down to moderate levels it won’t be progressive whether he wants a no-deal or some-deal Brexit.  He’s also got a failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint from now to late November. He looks frustrated and irritated over the exit at the New Year with tr Pluto trine his Mars – and somewhere along the way of 2020 or 2021 he has a panicky-failure Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Neptune.

His relationship chart with Barnier, who has an unbudgeable 8th house Mars Moon in Aquarius opposition Pluto is into plate-throwing territory with tr Uranus square the composite Sun and Uranus until late September.

Frost’s relationship with Gove is extremely fraught as well with a frustrated, trapped, impatient tr Pluto square the composite Mars from now till late November; and downbeat across the New Year. None of which sounds like a resounding joint success whichever outcome they were aiming.

Gove’s personal chart is similarly afflicted with tr Pluto square his Mars/Uranus and Uranus/Neptune midpoints now to late November this year, suggesting acute stress, losses and catastrophes; and his troubles won’t lift in 2021 with a nasty sinking feeling from tr Neptune square his Sun/Saturn and Mercury/Saturn midpoints picking up in April and running on and off till late 2022. As he no doubt surveys the proof of the pudding with the Brexit consequences becoming clear.

This would fit with the Boris Government chart indicators – see previous post August 3 2020 – which has a panicky dip from this October onwards. And many pointers on Boris, the Government and Cummings’ charts that suggest 2021 is not going to be a celebratory feste to the joys of UK freedom.

Sorry if that all sounds gloomy but they don’t look like happy campers any of them.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie for this helpful analysis. I’m wondering if all the current retrograde planets may signal yet another U-turn for this UK government? They have already changed their minds on border controls post Brexit, for example, plus the recent exams results shuffle. Meanwhile, the EU itself is relying on massive rescue packages, plus very significant funding from the European Central Bank to relieve government debt. With everyone, everywhere, in a state of flux and confusion, it is surely almost impossible to negotiate much at all of lasting relevance? The careless reliance on future trade deals with China and the USA, for instance, is also looking dubious to say the very least. No deal Brexit is surely harmful for both the UK and the EU at this point. It’s a shame something so important to so many people’s futures is turning into an exercise in what seems like machismo.

  2. Is he too competitive to throw in the towel with his Mars Uranus (Pluto) Saturn t-square? I think so. His father cannot abide failure and that runs deep in Johnson’s psyche – nothing else matters. It does seem like there will be huge political and economic turmoil combined with the impossible-to-ignore climate crisis. But this has been in the pipeline, so to speak, for a long time. The transit of Pluto in Cap has been exhausing with never ending blockages and inertia. Nothing seemed to change the status quo – not Corbyn, not Sanders. Yet don’t most people feel that things cannot carry on as they were? A new political and economic consenus has to emerge from the ashes.

  3. I always had the instinct that Brexit would never happen so was appalled when they voted Yes. Boris has an exceptionally well aspected ASC/MC which means his reputation and career seemed….credible! (yes!). He’s air and water basically but Mercury at 19 degrees (esp in an air sign) is intellectually superior according to some theories (i.e. up to 9 degrees is considered cardinal (i.e.physical in manifestation – 10-19 is mental/intellectual and the last 10 degrees spiritual.) He has no cardinal planets at all thus cannot instigate action himself – he can ‘talk it up’ but is hopeless at initiative – he’s instructed by DC (Destructive Cummings) especially with 7 mutable planets, despite Mercury being elevated in the 9th house and his vocational indicator. Air/water is a dangerous combo if out of balance, (witness his ‘spares’ childwise) despite a good mind, but he’s lost the plot…. its embarrassing to see the leader of an advanced nation putting up a tent, looking like the scarecrow, without notifying the owner of the land…. transit Neptune conjuncts Chiron in his chart, there’s a lot of 2nd emphasis (health) – he will have to step down on health grounds probably, especially with transit node conjunct his Sun – shock, horror……and Mercury conjunct Uranus – he can’t, anymore.

  4. Sounds promising indeed !

    Looking forward to hearing something positive to keep our morale higher Marjorie !!

    Very nice analysis always!!!

    • Well surprising that they are still bothering to negotiate with us. It’s not up to the EU to give us a hard Brexit that will be the result of our failure to grasp the complexity of the negotiations. Not much joy to look forward to in the astrology unfortunately.

  5. It is estimated that the UK are £2 trillion pounds in debt, due to COVID-19.

    Brexit looks like a case of utter financial folly, even more so now.

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